Work Portfolios || style check

As coordinators we often get the request from clients to view a portfolio of previous work so that they can see our style. This has sparked the same conversation with several clients recently, as well as brought up the matter of dividing our work into different folders under the coordinator who was on the job. Having our work divided by coordinator does allow our diversity to show; by venue, by client, by style, by color, by every little detail that creates the overall feel. However, when we are planning and designing with a client the design process and end product that is created is not about us a coordinator or a team, not about our style, not about what we like; it is about the client.

It is our job, to create the vision that someone brings to us. It is a process of starting with a conversation of style and colors. Then proceeds to a sharing of the wedding Pinterest board, which leads to picking through the Pinterest board, only to create a final design board to encompass the key elements to be used to make the event come to life. There is such a feeling of joy when you walk into a room with a client to and they are overwhelmed with the product. When it exceeds all expectations. When they are in awe of the details. When they realize, this was exactly what they had in their head, and whether they really knew how to verbalize it or not, it became a reality.

Each one of us on our team has a very distinct personal style, which I have always felt is important not only to design events, but to be a coordinator as well. I often referred to coordinators being similar to personal stylists. You wouldn’t let someone dress and style you who couldn’t dress and style themselves, right? When a client begins a search for a coordinator and or designer for an event of any type, they should be searching for someone who listens, who can put together the details that they are given, who can pull out interesting facts and spotlight them during the event, who has a calming aura, who can prove that they understand and can execute the given style, and works directly for the client to make their event day enjoyable throughout.

Here are our coordinators, their personal style, and a “mini portfolio”, if you will, to help demonstrate how passionate they are about creating a vision for the clients that they love.


Kelly Nail.  “I’m a bit of a hodgepodge (don’t ask me how to spell that word) when it comes to my personal design style. I love western accents (fringe, leather, cowhide, antique bronze accents) paired with just a touch of modern flare. I love taking something that’s a bit more rugged and tossing in a few really structured/tailored pieces that really stand out.”






 Stephanie Martinez. “My personal design style is definitely boho! I love Aztec and tribal prints along with fun colors such as turquoise, lime green, orange and yellow. You will most likely find me wearing a dress, cardigan and wedges of some sort!”





Ashley Sanders. “Old world Spanish meets Mexico beaches would probably be the best combination of my personal space design style. I’m drawn to large statement pieces, mirrors, silver, rock, crystal, dark woods and anything that has interest. I am not a symmetrical person, but I am a person who creates patterns.”