Wedding Destination Bryan-College Station, Texas

The twin cities, Bryan-College Station that is, have become increasingly popular over the years. We are a bit biased, but why would you not LOVE these towns?! Not only have the city population, university enrollment, and overall activities increased, but the number of couples choosing to have their weddings here continues to climb.

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Why has the popularity of our “small towns” increased for weddings?

  1. Texas A&M and the act of Aggies falling in LOVE! According to the Fall 2015 Texas A&M Profile, there was a local (College Station campus) enrollment of 57,934 students. This was up from the 2013 Fall enrollment of 52,449 and the 2014 enrollment of 55,810. More people attending Texas A&M can only mean more opportunities for first kisses during a football game date, engagements under the Century Tree and more couples looking to get married in the same town they fell in love in. Being that for so many couples Bryan-College Station played a large part in the foundation of their relationship, it makes perfect sense to host your wedding in that town.
  2. Centrally located. We’ve found that many of our couples have families traveling from DFW, Austin, Houston or out of state, and find Bryan-College Station an easy access point for all. Drive time from the “larger” Texas cities to Bryan-College Station typically ranges from an hour and a half to three and a half hours, and Easterwood Airport is located just five minutes down the road for anyone who needs to hop a flight. The bride and groom may be Aggies, may live in BCS, or may have simply chosen their venue as a destination location knowing that travel would be involved for multiple parts of the family.
  3. Lower costs. Several of the big ticket items will have a smaller price tag than if they were found in large metropolitan areas. Don’t expect everything to be “cheap”, because that’s probably not the package you should be interested in, but appreciate the items that you can get at a lower price. Some of the areas that tend to fluctuate are venues, rental items, entertainment, catering, general labor and accommodations.
  4. Small town, friendly feel. By the end of your wedding, it is not uncommon for you to have established a friendship with a few of your vendors that you’ve started having weekly or daily conversations with and think you’ll miss them when the wedding planning ends. People in Texas are nice in general, but the people in Bryan-College Station really make you feel like you are part of the family when you have selected them to be a part of your special day. It’s not the corporate, only chat during business hours, work around our schedule kind of business, it’s the true accommodating, let me listen to your story and sit with you a while to get to know you feeling.

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No matter what your wedding destination is, have it share your story. Let the guests know the story of what the location means and why the town or venue shares a special place in your heart. If you’re including welcome bags in hotel rooms, you can include a note of explanation with a local specialty gift that will allow the guests to take away a little something too. If you’re having favors at your wedding, you can also specialize those to share the story of your location.

We in Bryan-College Station are embracing the growth and the fact that we get to meet more brides, families and wedding parties to be included in a growing number of wedding each year! If you are considering having your wedding in the Brazos Valley, visit the website for the Bridal Association of the Brazos Valley at and learn more about the upcoming Bridal Show and Benefit to be held Sunday, September 18th at the Brazos Expo.