to Mom, with love

With Mother’s Day upon us, we dedicate this blog to the Moms in our lives. We are blessed to not only have our own amazing mothers, but to be in a business that we get to build relationships with “moms” who have a hand in the planning process of their daughter or son’s wedding and have so much to share. We’ve come across some pretty special moms in this business.

So just how special is Mom? Well, here are a few things that we all KNOW Mom has managed to master and we all hope to one day do as well as she does. (As I’m in the four and a half year mom mark, I’m realizing that these remain the same, they just change function a bit around the age and subject of those surrounding the household.)

Don’t you agree that Mom is The Best…

Snuggler. Whether snuggling is called for because someone is hurt (emotionally or physically), scared, tired, sick, or just because it makes you feel good, Mom does it best. Mom will scratch your back while she snuggles you, talk or read to you, and make sure you are the most comfortable. Jeff told me one time after Sophie was born that she liked to snuggle on me because I was softer and squishier than he was. Those probably weren’t the best words at the time to describe that, but I think it might be somewhat true.

Food Creator. What’s for dinner?  Whether Mom planned dinner that morning (or night before for the moms that are WAY on top of it!), or it’s a fly by the seat of your pants kind of night when you get home, there will be something that will suffice as breakfast, lunch and dinner to feed the household. Some days it gets a little more creative, which is often a fun way of trying new things, but it does get done.

Multi-Tasker. Talk about mastering the act of juggling. Mom has it down. Multi-tasking is something Mom can do in every form to maximize the time spent with each activity. I don’t think it matters as a working mom or stay at home mom, I feel like every mom has a lot going on and plate full of “opportunities” that only she can figure out how to handle perfectly for her family.

Bug Controller. If it’s a bad bug, Mom to the rescue to kill it! If it’s a nice bug, Mom to the rescue to help catch/trap it and set it free!

Super Cleaner. Someone has just called and said they’re coming over for a quick visit, and automatically Mom goes into super cleaning mode! Objects start flying into closets and holes that sometimes you didn’t even know existed, pillows get put back on couches, the floor gets the best half sweep and spot mop ever, counter tops get wiped, and viol-a Mom feels good because she just accomplished a two hour clean in ten minutes and can share her space again.

Taxi Driver. This goes back, and hand in hand with the multi-tasking, but until there is another driver’s license awarded in the family, Mom drives to school, to sports practice, to all try-outs, to friends houses, back somewhere when something was forgotten, to dance class, to swim…you know the drill. By the time Mom is done driving and passes on the keys she could have driven around the world!

Dance Party Partner. When you sometimes just need to dance, in the car, in the kitchen, or in the rain, chances are Mom will act like a crazy fool and dance away with you, which makes every day better!

Homework Solver. What are the chances all of the homework over the years would have gotten done if Mom hadn’t been there asking, what homework do you have, when is it due, how much is left, do you need help? She not only made sure you had the assignments in, but also would sit and make sure you had help when you needed it.

Shopper. I’m sure this is much more fun and memorable for the girls than the boys, but shopping with Mom is always the best! She knows what will fit, what will look best, what will look ridiculous that you still have to try on, and how to find the greatest shoes.

Finder of all things Lost. Those shoes that never make it back to the closet, that hair clip that is constantly misplaced, the last phase of the project you worked on last night and now can’t find…Mom will somehow be able to put her hands on that item. Maybe it’s a new set of eyes, maybe it’s the depths that go under the bed, or maybe it’s just the patience that Mom holds, but thank goodness someone is able to keep the things together in order to get everyone out the door (because it’s always when you’re trying to leave that it becomes a tragic loss of an item).

Laugher. From the very first smile, to the very first belly laugh, to the laughs that happen on regular conversations as you grow up, Mom is the one who understands your true happiness and earns for you to find that. Wants to laugh with you, wants to make you laugh, wants you to surround yourself with those who fill your space with laughter and happiness.

Listener. And Talker. It starts as soon as the babbling begins. Mom is the one cooing babbling back. During the word development stages, Mom somehow can decipher what that lingo is and translate for all others. When there is a problem and you need someone to talk to, Mom will listen. She will always be honest with you and give you the advice she thinks you need. No matter the age, no matter the location, Mom will always be there for you.

Believer of You. Among all things, Mom will always be your biggest supporter. Your biggest fan. Your biggest believer. During all of life’s obstacles, every moment that you’re reaching for that next level, each new level that you try to conquer, Mom will be rooting you on, knowing you can do it, believing in your strength and power every single step of the way.

We wanted to share some of our favorite Mom moments from past encounters. We love you Moms, and appreciate all that you do.