this day’s for you, Dad

This weekend is about celebrating the dads in our lives. I feel like we say this a lot, but we have some really solid fathers role models in our lives who raised all of us to be hard working, respectful, mindful, loving, faithful and grateful people. And then as a bonus, we get to watch so many other fathers play a part in their little girl’s wedding day. Some are the check writers, some are the emotional supporters, some are the comedic relief, and some are even emotional themselves as they hand their daughter off to her husband to be.

Some dads don’t have much to say, the strong silent type, while others are natural entertainers, but Dad is always a symbol of home and family. I think no matter what age you are, Dad will always represent protection, safety, and comfort. Here are a few things that we think Dad has gotten down pretty much to a T.

Builder. What can Dad not build? I’m not sure about a Dad in your life, but those in our lives have the building thing DOWN! Wood, metal, Legos, Lincoln Logs, whatever the material may be, they have that vision and will see that project through!

Joker. Dad definitely teases the most, pulls the most pranks, and eventually will try to embarrass the most. Just to mention a few that we always laugh about…a snake in the hunting cabin, “Momma went to Mexico”, Halloween wrapping, and the dad picking his 8th grader up in his Speedo (find this video if you haven’t seen it!).

Role Model. Dad sets the expectation bar of manners, grooming, respect, and work ethic. From a young age we all start looking up to him and watching those interactions so that we can recreate that.

Squasher of Bugs. Dad’s feet are big, so they squash all the bad bugs and keep you safe!

Speed Racer. What dad doesn’t like to go fast? I think it’s pretty normal that Dad typically doesn’t air on the side of caution as much as mom tries to. This makes it pretty fun to drive (anything) with Dad where you can make turns, have the wind in your hair, and feel like you’re flying!

Griller…of Everything. If it can be grilled, Dad can grill it! And even if it’s not an item that is typically grilled, I bet at some point he will try to put a spin on the menu and put it on the grill. Because what dad doesn’t love to be outside grilling? And what family doesn’t love to be the guinea pigs for all of the taste testing!?

Animal CatcherSnakes, lizzards, frogs, armadillos, baby ANYTHINGS…somehow Dad is fast enough and agile enough to get those critters and share them with the rest of the family. Some of them get turned into pets, some of them get turned back into the “wild” to come and visit whenever they want.

Stabilizer. Physically and mentally, Dad needs to be the one to catch things when they fall with cat like reflexes. Don’t let the baby fall, don’t fall off the bike, watch your step going into the restaurant, catch that plate before it slides off the table. If you’re feeling like you need to be talked off a ledge, Dad can usually be the voice of reason and rationalize with you to make things make sense again and bring you back to normal.

Hugger. With Dad’s strong arms, he can give the best hugs. No matter what size you are, he will always be able to wrap you up and give you a big giant bear hug!

Coach. Not only can Dad teach you important life skills, responsibilities and sports, but he is the best partner to be on the sidelines as the coach for the whole way through! He can coach your softball, baseball, soccer, football teams, he can coach you as you learn how to take care of and show your animals, and he can coach you on how to handle the ups and downs of winning and losing in each situation. The good sports and the bad sports on the team and the grace that you should have in life.

Protector of His Tribe. No matter the situation, no matter the circumstance, Dad will always be your protector and make you safe. When I asked Sophie what her dad did best, she said “Keeps me safe.” It never changes.

Believer in You. Just like Mom, Dad is your biggest supporter and biggest fan. He believes in you, he will push you to be better, and will help you grow and learn new things. You can always depend on him, you can always run to him. He will teach you good life lessons, he will let you get in trouble, and he will bail you out, but only a few times, you better learn from your mistakes.

We love you, Dads, enjoy your day, this and every day. Happy Father’s Day.