Summer & Fall Intern Positions || Ashley & Co.

It’s that time again! Like the changing of the guards, it is time to wish our part of our current interns the best on their next journeys and begin looking for those who will be with us for the summer and fall event seasons. We have a great summer wedding schedule, we’re starting to plan with TAMU recruitment, our fall corporate schedule is always spectacular, and this season falls into Christmas and holiday parties!

In May we have one intern graduating and joining the event world with her mom as they introduce their own event company in the DFW area, and we have one intern who is going to gain more experience in the industry to continue to develop her knowledge. Robyn and Revyn, we wish you the best of luck and appreciate the time and experience you’ve had with us! Brittany will be working at home for the majority of the summer and plans to join us back in the fall when classes resume!

Over the years we’ve been blessed by so many sweet, talented girls coming through our doors who have truly become family to us. We’ve watched many go on to pursue dreams of working in the event industry, and have been able to help a few come to grips with the fact that this isn’t the field for everyone. And that is what an internship is all about! We feel it is important to be able to understand not only the event day, but the prep side of how to get there. There are initial meetings, there is office work, there is inventory control, and on the event day, it’s long. But when you know you fit in the event industry, it’s a magical fit.

What we do {wedding+corporate+social events}:

  • Planning & Coordination
  • Rentals {tables, chairs, linens, chandeliers, cafe lights, decor items, custom bids}
  • Design

We are fortunate enough to work with a multitude of clients. Some are wedding based that you develop a strong relationship with because you work so closely together for a set amount of time leading up to the wedding. Some are corporate and social based that you get to build repeat business with and design a variety of events for throughout the year.

What we’re looking for {in an intern}:

  • Hard worker. The hours are long, but we’re right there beside you. We also move tables and chairs. Everyone moves tables and chairs. It’s important to us that each person on our team understands the logistics of this.
  • Detail oriented. High attention to detail, with a sense of urgency to understand time restraints that is.
  • People person. Not afraid to talk to others, or learn about a total stranger if asked to keep a client company for a few minutes while we wrap something up. We are small business and we want everyone who walks in to feel like family.
  • Willingness to work weekends and nights. Yes, that’s when people have events, and we know it interferes with a social life, but that’s how it goes. We also often have events during football season (gasp, I know!), and they are sometimes the MOST FUN events!
  • Eagerness to Learn. Someone who wants to learn from the event industry and gain experience to see if this is the field that you are supposed to go into. We currently have two full time coordinators with us who started as interns. As we hire, we like to hire those who we see are a good fit. But other event companies see your experience as such a plus for their companies as well. Experience is key to getting your foot in the door with event companies, and we want our interns to leave here with the experience to feel confident walking into an array of situations.
  • Team Player. Once you start with us, you are on our team. You will never be asked to do anything we either aren’t doing, or haven’t done before. It’s not all glamour work, but it’s all necessary work that goes into what we do. If you’re only interested in one part, that’s not beneficial for the team.
  • Creativity. Tell us what you bring to the table and how you can show it off!

Being an event planner is somewhat like being a jack of all trades. You need to have high customer service and customer awareness, but at the same time be firm and stand your ground. You need to be organized and in control of all situations, but understand that your entire schedule is that of controlled chaos. You need to be dressed in a manner that you can sweat, move tables and chairs and complete all of your day’s prep, while keeping in mind that you need to transform for your event in a matter of 5-10 minutes into professional and presentable clothes, make up and hair. Our interns get to see all of this and how they fit into this industry. Some choose to stay on this path, others choose to walk a different direction.

We require 3-4 hours in the office per week (unpaid) and event work based on availability and calendar (paid per event). Some weeks we may have opportunities for up to six events, other weeks we may not have an event.

To apply:
email Kelly Nail @

Kelly will be setting up interviews early May to get the ball rolling! We can’t wait to start meeting new prospects!