Stephanie Martinez || Wedding Planner

Today is the day that our Stephanie walks the stage and becomes an official graduate of Texas A&M University. Whoop! We couldn’t be more proud of her. We are proud of what she has accomplished, proud to have shared the last two years of this journey with her, and proud to say that she is now a full time part of our team.

Stephanie started her tenure with Ashley & Co. in May of 2015 as an intern. It was only a few short weeks into her time working with us that we saw great potential in this small fire-ball. She came from a background in retail, which gave her the confidence to quickly pick up design meetings with clients, be comfortable working the long hours that are required on event days, and understand the importance of “professional but functional attire”. It wasn’t long before she was moved into an office assistant position, which gave her more flexibility to learn our computer systems, see more event time and truly learn our operating processes front and back.

When we as a team were faced with filling a coordination position in the summer of 2016, we looked outside of the office with a few interviews and then realized our answer was truly staring us in the face. Stephanie Martinez had been grooming and preparing for the position, and was the perfect fit. We are a very close team, we spend more time together than your average team, and are often faced with high stress situations for periods of time that truly just bring us closer together. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right? Or at least gives you some good laughs! We’ve covered that pretty clearly. Stephanie is our cheerleader. She is the ray of sunshine every single day in the office that makes everyone laugh, brings new perspective to each situation, and shines bright on our lives.

To welcome Stephanie, we would like to share ten things about her that make her unique, make us love her, and that you may not know about her.

  • She has an obsession with elephants! At one point she wanted to redecorate her entire room using elephants as her main focus.
  • She could eat Raising Cane’s Chicken every single day. In fact, we are pretty sure there was one week this summer that she had it four times (that we know of!).
  • Her alcoholic beverage of choice is a Long Island Ice Tea.
  • Her non-alcoholic beverage of choice is Sweet Tea.
  • She got a new car in July, and her favorite thing about it is that is has working A/C! She really loves more than that about it, but she drove her last car for almost a year with a broken air conditioner, so she really appreciates the cool air in her face!
  • She keeps more snacks on hand than a toddler. Her desk drawers seriously look like the shelves of HEB.
  • She has a strong love for the sport of soccer. If there is a soccer game on a TV in a restaurant, she will make sure that you find a table where she has good visual contact with the game.
  • She once walked into the office and announced proudly that “there was a Salem, Massachusetts.” She thought that the Salem Witch Trials had taken place in Salem, Oregon.
  • She cracked her IPhone screen terribly and was able to function with it like that for close to a year, keeping all pieces in tact.
  • She always puts others before herself. She is absolutely the most compassionate, selfless person on our team.

Stephanie, enjoy this day and soak up every moment. Take in your family and friends. Look around you and remember those with you. Be proud of yourself and all of your hard work.