Something I don’t want to forget…

For everyone who has followed us for a while, you know I occasionally get nostalgic or just plain real and need to put it into words.

Back in December, Kelly and I were having a discussion with a venue manager as we broke down a Christmas party about our delivery trucks and it really took me back to memories that I don’t ever want to forget. The exact topic of our conversation was that our “big” truck wasn’t running so smoothly and that I was aware that in 2017 I needed to make allowance for a replacement. I don’t get attached to vehicles. Don’t get me wrong, I drive my vehicles for a LONG time, but I’ve never really had a sentimental attachment to a vehicle. I really like my current one, so to me, that means I’ll get the same make and model when I decide to upgrade. My very first vehicle was a 1975 Vega without AC, standard of course, that I appreciate much more now that I’m older.

For some reason, I’m incredibly attached to our work trucks. Even going back through pictures to formulate this blog, I realize what a crazy amount of photos I take of these trucks. With absolutely nothing else in the picture. Only a delivery truck. We have our “Little Truck”, that was our first purchase. This is a 10′ box truck that Jeff came across at U-Haul and was able to strike a sweet deal over to bring it “home”. One of the first things that he did to convert it for better use was to build a metal hanging rack in the back for linen transport. Our “Big Truck” is a 24′ box truck with a lift gate that does most of our heavy hauling…tables, chairs, all the big loads. Jeff again was able to come to a fabulous deal with a friend of ours during the purchase of a nursery in Leander because this truck was on the property but was no longer needed. Both came to us used, with “several” miles, and are not loaded with bells and whistles, but came to us each at different times that made me so thankful for a truck of that size. We had been open for three months when we got the little truck and it was a complete surprise to me when it showed up in the parking lot. A wonderful surprise! We purchased the big truck in February of 2014 just before we got the first order of tables and chairs that were ours.


Is it odd that I remember the exact days that each truck came to be parked in our lot, and what clients we delivered what inventory to first in each truck? I remember that so clearly, and I never want to forget. I remember how much easier the little truck made the delivery of the cocktail tables and linens, and how scared I was backing the big truck down the driveway of the first house to make the table and chair delivery (but how thankful I was for the lift gate for the tables and chairs!). I remember being so excited seeing the trucks wrapped for the first time. Knowing they had our brand going down the road and would represent us with each stop. When I’m in town and I see our trucks, I still smile. When I get pictures from friends and clients who see our trucks around town, I smile. I also never want that to stop.

I think internally, I know that our trucks represent a lot of where we’ve come from, future goals, long work hours and great rewards. Our trucks represent all of us who are a family here because they carry us. When a truck is down, we are down. I know that another addition is on the horizon, and it’s not a bad thing, it means we’re growing. It means we’re able to support another truck. But don’t mind me if I start driving the old “Big Truck” around occasionally or just leave it parked at my house as a second vehicle, just in case, because I might have a sentimental attachment to it.

I’m keeping my memories close, no matter how crazy they may sound, because to me those first deliveries in those trucks are just as important to remember as the ones we’re making today!

xoxo ashley