Megan Alden Ellenburg

I don’t think I could ever fully express in words how grateful I am for Ashley and Company. I have always been one of those people that has to do everything themselves, and I will completely admit that I was of the opinion that no one else could possibly do my wedding justice or make my dream come to life other than myself. I was so determined not to use help that my mother actually took it upon herself to reach out to Ashley and Company. As history tends to repeat itself, I learned once again that my mother is always right. When I met with my coordinator, Kelly, I learned that not only was she one of the sweetest people you will ever meet, but she has some serious attention to detail. I was so impressed with her organization, communication skills, commitment, and professionalism, that I actually let my obsessive compulsive self-turn over the wedding into her more than capable hands. I am grateful every day that I did! Kelly was such an amazing support leading up to the wedding, not only where the large planning was concerned but even with the smallest details. But honestly, the best part is that the ladies took care of everything on the wedding day! They completely ran the show. They worked with all the vendors, strategically planned out every moment, made the entire event run smoothly, made sure I was happy, and decorated the venue to complete perfection, which is a rather large accomplishment in itself when considering they were dealing with me. The crazy part is that I was completely stress free on my wedding day, which is something I, among the groom and my immediate family members, can still hardly believe. Do not even hesitate for a second when thinking about using Ashley and Company! My mom and I have both said on many occasions how the event coordination was a life saver and worth every penny. If you hire Ashely and Company to coordinate your wedding or event, you are leaving it in some seriously capable hands. You will not be disappointed. These ladies are the best!