Jennifer Ann + Andy || may 30, 2015


Jennifer Ann and her mom, Jeannie Smith, were women on a mission when it came to wedding planning. The vendor selection process was a breeze, Jennifer Ann and Andy chose a venue that would showcase their day perfectly, and a time line was put together to make sure the planning was taken care of around their busy lives in a manner that fit them well. Then wedding week came about. Everyone in the Brazos Valley is familiar with the rainy, stormy Spring we experienced in 2015. When looking forward to weekends, the forecast could make you cringe. It was no different for the weekend of May 30th and 48 hours prior to the wedding, Jennifer Ann and Andy, along with the support of their families, made the call to change venues. With a swoop of calling guests, vendors, wedding party, and a few small tweaks, all was in place and the family never skipped a beat.

If asked to describe this sweet family, I think the words Southern Grace are most fitting. If you’ve ever met them, you know you are always greeted with open arms and a warm hug, just like a part of the family. And the guests that arrived on the wedding day to celebrate Jennifer Ann and Andy were such a testament to this.


Here is what Jennifer Ann shared when we asked for advice for planning brides and her experiences.

q: How long did you plan your wedding?
a: 13 Months

q: What would you call your wedding style?
a: Rustic Elegance

q:What was your inspiration when putting together your wedding design?
a: Keeping my love of flowers a priority in the planning process, the florals really became the focal point of the event. Keeping with neutral tones in the table linens and accent colors enabled the florist to take flowers that were in season/abundant and really capitalize on those colors. The end result was EXACTLY how I pictured it- beautiful flowers with neutral and gold undertones.

Scasta-359-200x300           Scasta-265-200x300           Scasta-132-200x300

Scasta-274-300x200                       Scasta-553

q: What was your favorite part of your wedding day?
a: Dancing the night away with my new husband, our friends, and family!

q: What piece of advice would you give other couples currently planning their wedding?
a: Enjoy the planning process and try not to get too stressed if something doesn’t go as planned. We changed our venue 48 hours before our wedding day due to weather. While we could have gotten stressed, we tried extremely hard to remember what was most important—we were going to be married by the end of the weekend and that was ALL that mattered! Our wedding turned out so much better than I ever imagined!

Additionally, Make a list of what you consider the most important parts of your wedding day- and work to make those particular things the very best! Ashley & Co was great at helping with this. Kelly knew I loved flowers and wanted the reception area to be pretty. Giving her and the florist the ability to take that and run was the best thing we did! 


q: Who are your “love role models” and why?
a: Our parents- we both grew up in homes where our parents loved each other and loved Jesus.

q: What does marriage mean to you?
a: It means having a permanent best friend- right?! All jokes aside, marriage is a commitment between two people and God. We both take this commitment very seriously and are so thankful God has allowed us to go through this journey of life together! 

q: Where will you and your spouse be in 50 years and what will you be doing?
a: Living in the mountains and maintaining our active lifestyle while enjoying our family and friends. We love the outdoors and we love people- so we know those will both be parts of our future!


Those involved.

{bridal gown} Beautitude ||
{bridesmaids attire} Bill Levkoff ||
{men’s attire} Men’s Wearhouse ||
{rings} Montelongo’s ||
{coordinator} Kelly Nail || Ashley & Co.
{rehearsal dinner} The Veranda ||
{venue} The Equine Complex || (979) 458-9166
{photographer} Ashley Monogue ||
{caterer} D’Vine Cuisine ||
{bar} Chartwells
{ceremony music} BCS String Quartet||
{dj} Downtown Event Services ||
{lighting} RDM Audio ||
{cakes & desserts} Cakes by Blondie || (936) 873-2311
{florist} Postoak Florist ||

Jennifer Ann & Andy, Jeannie & Bob, thanks for letting us share your joy.