Hello 2017

Yes, I realize we are nearly two months into this “New Year” and the “new” has somewhat faded fast, but we’ve had a lot going on and still want to share and reflect a little with everyone. 2016 was an interesting year for all of us. There was a lot of learning, a lot of growth, a few changes, a little disappointment, but in the end so much laughter and building. As a team we have hit 2017 stronger than ever and ready to take on all that we can. I came into the year with such a fresh look on things and with such excitement about what we could accomplish with the years of experience and ability that we all possess, and with the chemistry that our team holds. We all set the bar very high each day for each other, and enjoy making sure that the level of expectation is met. It creates good vibes.

In 2016 we…

Found a logistics manager that brings more to the table than we could have ever imagined. {more to come on how we challenge Ted on a daily basis}
Said goodbye to one of coordinators, Hollis, only to develop a great relationship with her in her new position with Texas A&M CVM and be included in one of the best events of the year.
Got to work one on one with the most amazing couples to coordinate with them and see that their wedding days were flawless.
Helped countless rental clients achieve the look they dreamed of by designing from the table up for their wedding day.
Were privileged to work with new corporate clients who had new styles and appreciation for out of the box designs.
Developed even stronger relationships with the fabulous corporate clients we already work with and helped them make an even larger footprint in the event industry.
Executed some of the largest, most logistically challenging and gorgeous events yet to date.
Learned a lot about our capabilities and how to work best as a team.
Got a new porch…concrete!


In 2017 we…
Are preparing for a new roof! {1st step porch, 2nd step roof, it’s a whole process!}
Will continue to build our relationships with our clients and learn more about them so that we can continue to set the bar at the highest level no matter the event size.
Are looking forward to the upcoming weddings with the precious brides we have on the books, as well as meeting and establishing relationships with the others who come through the doors.
Have already celebrated numerous events and weddings, and are gushing over photos on a regular basis.
Can’t wait to push the creativity limits to an outstanding level.
Will launch new marketing materials and this sweet site!
Celebrate five years of being operational in our location!
Are looking forward to great things.

Thank you for sharing the ride with us. Thank you for believing in us. Thank you for designing with us.