Designing Your Wedding

There are many components to our business that we are truly passionate about, and I would say design ranks right up there at the top no matter the circumstance! We find that brides have a love hate relationship with design. When breaking your wedding design into segments and seeing that your vision is executed correctly, the overall design can speak for you more boldly than you would ever imagine. These are a few points that we try to focus on with wedding design to try to help keep everyone on track during wedding planning.

Use Pinterest (and like sites) as inspiration, but make it yours and make it consistent.

We are blessed to have inspiration sites at our fingertips 24/7, which makes planning a wedding such fun! At the same time it can be a little overwhelming and easy to get off track. We often see Pinterest boards that start with one style and one direction and end in a completely different style. When selecting pictures for inspiration, make sure you know what you like about it. Is it the color, the flower, the chair, the table, the dress, the hairstyle, the picture setting, the way the picture is processed, etc.? You can find several things that really stand out in multiple pictures and create your own look by bringing them all together. You will be amazed at the end result! When talking with your vendors, listen to their professional opinions as well. If you present them with a picture that is a statement piece hear out their thoughts and ask how you can turn that design into yours and make it practical for your wedding.


Selecting your wedding colors.

When you select your wedding colors you will want a few, whether they are completely different shades and tones of the same color or altogether different colors. What your bridesmaids will wear will actually end up being an accent color in your wedding, so consider that when selecting the dress. That will be a strong color in your ceremony, but at the reception you won’t want your bridesmaids sitting at a table that is covered in the same color because they blend. You want their dresses to pop with the linens, just as you want your dress to pop against the linen or table you will be sitting at. You can bring your colors in with flowers, clothing, linens, and accent décor that will all add different dimension depending on placement.


Keep your style #1 when making decisions and know those are the pictures you will always have.

You want your guests to attend your wedding and know immediately when they arrive that the style is a true reflection of the bride and groom. It is so easy to get caught up in the opinions of those who surround you during the planning, the bridal media trends, and what the venues or vendors might be pushing at the time, but remember that this is and always will be your wedding. Whether your style is classic, vintage, traditional, rustic, modern, or bohemian, make sure you select a venue that will lend to that décor easily and then start putting your pieces together such as accent tables, linens, chairs or covers, and colors that will all complement one another. Let your groom have opinions about certain things, and compromise during the process to make sure you are remembering that he needs to feel comfortable and remembered as well. The attire for the men, the groom’s cake, the exit vehicle, music, food and beverages are all fantastic ways for the groom to be included and enjoy the selection process.


Create focal points.

Focal points are locations that you will gather throughout the night and hold “special” moments. Your ceremony, your sweetheart table or head table, your cake table, your dance floor, your exit location and even your food and bar can all be focal points of your venue. We love creating interesting style “tweaks” to these locations to make them a little different from the rest of the reception. Select a few and recreate the look. Hang a few chandeliers or café lights, continue a monogram throughout the locations, drape and swag, be a little more extravagant with your floral arrangements or place statement linens on these tables.


Spend your money wisely.

Pick the items that are important to you and make sure you get the look you want with those items. Spend your money on items you know will be heavily photographed during the wedding and reception, like the tables around your dance floor, the front area of your ceremony, and make sure that look is what you love. You will more than likely be able to use the items from your ceremony again at the reception, which is always a bonus! Ask your florist for suggestions on that with alter arrangements, bridesmaids’ bouquets and pew markers. Your wedding coordinator, family member or friend can always help move those for you. If you find a vendor that you click with but get a quote returned that is out of your budget, talk to them about what else you can get in that look by changing things up a bit.

DeBord {stately || black, white & gold}

Clarke {vintage romantic || soft pink + lavender + white + delicate touches}

Noel {ranch chic || navy + sunflowers + natural toned accents}

Hoss {natural elegance || maroon + grey + black + complete personalization}