Ivory Fortuny

The fortuny gives just the right amount of texture to keep it interesting. The ivory keeps it classic.

Watermelon Skinny Party

Make a statement with this fabulous print. Go bold with pinks all the way, or tone it down with champagne and ivories.

Eggplant Wave

A twist on the traditional wedding rosette, the Eggplant Wave takes that texture to the next level. Go over the top and do a full room in this.

Ivory Vintage

The Ivory Vintage linen is the ideal option for an elegant or rustic setting. Paired with the right accessories it will top off your table perfectly.

Slate Jute

Get back to the basics of nature with this fabric. The Jute is a nice heavy fabric with a loosely woven texture.

Rose Jute

Get back to the basics of nature with this fabric. The Jute is a nice heavy fabric with a loosely woven texture.

Bridal Shower Chic…Mock Set Prep

Bridal showers have been evolving over the years from a quiet brunch with matriarchs of the family and a few close girl friends to an exciting themed event that sometimes can be as extravagant and crazy as the bachelorette party. These days you really have the opportunity to go all out for your bridal shower and do something fun and surprising. The themes range from something as classic as “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” all the way to “A Night in Vegas”.

Here at Ashley and Company we’ve decided to land somewhere in the middle and are working on a Bridal Shower Showcase alongside some very creative vendors here in Bryan/College Station, Texas. The theme we’ve setted on is a “Retro Kitchen Bridal Shower”. We are using fun colors, textures and creative ideas to really take this bridal shower theme to the next level.

Check back next week to see it all put together and try and find how we incorporated our fun fabrics and retro colors below.



Meet our Newest Team Member

Baby Bean Sanders...Debuting October 2012

As some might already know, things around here have been 90 to nothing for a little while, and they are about to get a little more interesting! During the last six months, Jeff and I closed on commercial property and expanded my already existing business, celebrated our one year wedding anniversary AND found out we would be blessed with a little one in the Fall. Today we found out that little bundle of joy will be a girl.

When I found out I was pregnant, the Monday after the Spring bridal show, it was a bit of a shock. We were not trying and had our life going in the exact direction that we had planned, or so I thought. But, as I heard a mother in law tell one of my previous clients on their rehearsal night, “You plan, God laughs.” Oh how true that statement has shown to be.

We are thrilled with what the future has in store and can’t wait to share this journey with all involved! Aggie football will be more eventful for us this year and I’m hoping the LSU game October 20th and my due date of October 26th don’t interfere too much. :)

Happy Memorial Day weekend to all!

Jennifer & Jarred I January 14, 2012

When I met Jen and Jarred for coffee that first morning almost a year ago, I think we could have stayed there all day chatting about almost anything everything we could think of! Obviously we got right down to wedding business but then kept venturing off into school, hobbies, life in general….finding that we had common ground on most all subjects. I knew from the beginning these two were going to be a BLAST! Not only during the planning, yes Jen handled most of that, but I could not wait to watch them the day of their wedding with their families and friends.

With guests coming from Southeast Texas and Louisiana I knew this party would be full of life and laughs, and let me tell you, they did not disappoint. During the planning it was always important to Jennifer that she and Jarred were both represented in their wedding day. She knew she wanted pinks and feminine touches, but at the same time she wanted it to be obvious that this was also Jarred’s wedding. They paid special attention to designing a menu that encompassed all of their loves in food, he had a cake that screamed his name and she allowed “That Butt Thang” to be the song played for garter removal. What a good woman!

They did party the night away with those who were celebrating with them, but most importantly of all they made time that day to truly enjoy their loved ones who were around them. Family and friends are always first in their books and the wedding day was no different.

As of yesterday, we wish Jennifer & Jarred Horn a very happy four month anniversary!

The day would not have been complete without spending some one on one time with her "daughter" Bella.

Gig 'Em, with some bling!

Dress fit for a princess!

Walk down the aisle with Dad.

First Presbyterian Church Bryan

The wedding party ready for the celebration to kick off!

Pam's eyes would light up anytime the chocolate founatin was mentioned in meetings. It was just as good as she thought it would be! That made a happy mom!

This ruffle cake always steals the show. Rustic yet elegant, very much like the bride!

Super cute idea for a cake, and delicious too!

Delicious cookies made with love from Jarred's side of the family.

Soft pinks and ivories with pops of purple...all accented beautifully by the lighting.

I think it might have been planned for sister of the bride/MOH to catch the bouquet! Hint, hint, Amy!

The guys were not quite as enthusiastic.

Last dance of the night.

Sparkler goodnight.

Jennifer and Jarred had a great group of vendors working behind the scenes to make sure all went smoothly and as planned.

Coordination/Linens: Ashley & Co. (www.ashleyandcompany.com)
Photography: Amy McCormick, Picture Perfect Images (www.pictureperfectimages.net)
Floral: Nita’s Flowers (www.nitasflowers.com)
Church: First Presbyterian Church, Bryan (www.fpcbryan.org)
Reception/Bar/Food: Hilton Hotel College Station (www.hiltoncs.com)
Entertainment: Livewire Productions (www.livewirepro.com)
Lighting: Events Lighting (www.eventslighting.com)
Bride’s Cake: Cinderella’s Cakes (www.cinderellascakes.com)
Make-Up: MediSpa (www.makeupincollegestation.com)


You vs Tradition :: Contemplating a first look?

I’m sure you’ve heard that it is considered bad luck for the groom to see his bride before the wedding. Do you know the history of that? In the earlier days it was considered that the bride would become “impure” if she saw her groom OR herself in the mirror before that walk down the aisle. The wedding ceremony symbolized leaving the old and making new, therefore if a bride and groom came into each other’s presence before the actual ceremony the new had been tarnished.

This tradition has carried on for many years to follow and only been challenged by those brides on the cutting edge! (Or so think those tied to tradition!) It used to be that the only flow of your ceremony, pre and post, leading to the reception would go as such…pictures of each side finishing final touches and a few family/bridal party shots; ceremony; ALL pictures of family, bridal party, bride and groom; reception. Often now many pictures are taken before the ceremony of the bride/groom, family, bridal party, and even all together. In the case that the bride and groom make their reveal before the ceremony, it is called a First Look. Are you one torn between following tradition and seeing your counterpart before the wedding?

Here are a few positive points with a First Look:

  • How are your nerves? If you are going to be a nervous wreck and know that the only person that can bring you back to reality and make you enjoy the day is your fiance, maybe you should see each other before the ceremony. Often an anxiety attach can come on just before the wedding if you have built up the anticipation and laying eyes on that person can eliminate all of that!
  • Are you ready to join the party? One way to get to your reception earlier is to knock out so many of those post-ceremony shots. You can choose to do only pictures with your fiance, leaving family and bridal party after, or you can do ALL pictures pre-ceremony and walk straight down the aisle and to the party! If you are crunched for time, really want those romantic pictures that will be in the perfect sunlight after the ceremony, or simply are ready to enjoy your guests, this option might be right up your alley!
  • What type of pictures do you want? Do you know that you actually get a better “reaction shot” from both sides when you do a First Look? You will be seeing each other in a much more intimate setting, not in front of 50, 150, 250 guests, and your photographer will be able to position him/herself in a way that can really capture all. This is especially true when your photographer works alone or the church has certain rules that can’t bend.

Don’t get me wrong, doing a First Look is not for all couples, but these are some perks that can created an added bonus by doing such. For those of you toying with the idea, but hearing a little chatter from family members (or your fiance) know that you are not the first, certainly not the last, and will not be tempting luck!

So, what type of bride are you?