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Catherine's Tablescape

This summer we’ve had the pleasure of having Catherine Roepke, a marketing major at Texas A&M and class of 2013, as an intern at Ashley & Co. Catherine started off our spotlight table in the showroom and did a wonderful job! Read below for her inspiration and check out the pictures of her great work.

–        Inspiration:

  • My mom is redoing a room in our house beach themed, and I really liked the look and feel she was going for. So I wanted to see if I could translate that same look and feel into the décor for an event.
  • I wanted to the look to be nice but not too formal, so it could be used for any situation. I also wanted it to be kind of in the middle so that anyone who liked it could dress it up or down to fit their style and event.

–        Colors:

  • Obviously with a beach theme, you’re going to be using different shades of blue and brown. But I decided I wanted to focus on the blue, and use the brown as a more of an accent color. So for the tablecloth, I used a bright Robin’s Egg Blue, and used glass bottles on the table to compliment it. Then I used the burlap runner, ribbon on the menus, and chair sashes to bring in the varying shades of brown. I really liked using more neutral browns on the table, and using the chocolate tone for the chair sash because I loved the contrast in the colors and how they complimented each other. Something else that added a good contrast to the look was the burlap runner and ivory sash. The burlap runner has that natural, beachy feel while the ivory satin is a little more formal making it look and feel a little nicer.

–        Accents:

  • The accents are what make your event unique from everyone else’s, so I feel it’s really important that they not only complete your look, but reflect your personality.
  • For the centerpiece, I chose to use glass bottles, candles, sea glass, and sea shells. I really liked the look of the glass bottles, because it definitely gives you that “beachy” feel without going overboard and trying to force the feel of a “beach theme”.  I used candles because I liked how they look, and they also help provide the lighting and feel that I was going for as it got darker. The sea glass and sea shells were another fun way to tie in the theme and colors, and make the table feel more complete. I also used a small, antique white frame for the table number. I wanted to use a smaller frame  so it wouldn’t distract from the bottles and candles, but more blend it and be a part of the centerpiece. And last but not least, one of my favorite aspects of the table are the place cards. I used starfish and tied the name card to it with ribbon. It’s so simple, but I think it really adds a lot to the table in terms of the look and theme. It’s just another way I was able to tie in the theme, but doing something unique to make the table different.

–        What I used:

  • Robin’s Egg Satin linen
  • Ivory Satin napkins
  • Chocolate Satin Sashes
  • Burlap table runner
  • Ivory Satin Sash
  • 48” table
  • White garden chairs
  • Light blue and clear glass bottles
  • Varying sizes of LED candles
  • Small seashells
  • Clear and varying shades of blue sea glass
  • Antique White frame
  • Starfish
  • Menus – ivory cardstock mounted on a tan cardstock with a pearly finish (same as place cards). Tied with a chocolate satin ribbon
  • Place cards – rectangle cut outs on tan cardstock (to match menu cards) and tied to a starfish with beige satin ribbon

Catherine Roepke
Summer Intern, 2012

Silver Flat Rosette

A little more understated than the traditional wedding rosette, this Silver Flat Rosette will still wow the crowd.

Chocolate Lamour Satin

Great color choice for any “brown” event. This light Chocolate Satin works well with dark chocolate all the way down to latte.

Charcoal Taffeta

Charcoal Taffeta with an array of different colors to change with the lighting and feel of the room.