Social Media During Wedding Planning :: post do’s + don’ts

you the Queen of Social Media who shares every last detail of your day with all 3,000 of your “closest” Facebook friends at the close of every day? Or maybe your significant other is the one who holds that title in your relationship. When in the midst of wedding planning social media can be a great research tool, can help you document the decisions and wedding day, and can help you communicate with guests. On the flip side of that, it can be very dangerous. You can be bombarded by opinions and “suggestions” that may not be the direction you need, you can give too much information to those not intended, and you may make a few of those “closest” friends feel alienated.

Here are a few things to remember:

Inform those who are close, especially family, of your engagement before posting it. Your phone will be ringing as soon as your post has the first comment if you didn’t follow the proper chain of communication with family members and close friends of your big news! Once you’ve done your due diligence, flash that ring, or pictures of the actual proposal and start sharing away.

Put out a call for recommendations and opinions on styles, vendors, locations, etc. You may find your favorite vendors and locations based on word of mouth, but also remember that you may need to take some of the style opinions with a grain of salt. Keep most “calls” on the light and airy side to avoid issues too personal.

Create a private page that can be an avenue for information with wedding party and guests once you start getting the RSVP’s. You can have your wedding website, accommodations, times, addresses and alternate location information all listed for everyone to reference.

Get inspiration from friends’ albums and wedding photos on their pages. You may know someone who got married at your venue or had their reception at the same location and by looking at their photos it could help flow your creative juices.

Ask your guests to tag pictures, use a hashtag, or share in a group so that everyone can see your wedding day captured differently after it passes. It is always fun getting to relive through different views!

Use Facebook (or alternate social media) as an open call for addresses, or as an invitation for guests to the wedding. Your entire friend list will not be invited to the wedding, though some may feel they got snubbed without an invitation. You may have budget or venue restrictions that dictate a small guest list, but you don’t need to feel compelled to tell all. Privately message, make a phone call, email or text those who you are getting addresses from and move forward from there.

Ask your wedding party to be a part of your special day on Facebook. Use some personal, face to face communication, or phone if distance is an issue, to let them know that they are special to you and you are excited to have them be included.

Share too much information, or ask for too much information before discussing it with your significant other. Make the wedding planning something that you do as a couple before including the rest of the cyber community. Make sure you are on the same page before going full steam ahead in one direction and having everyone else on your side.

Direct friends to your wedding registry on social media. It is similar to printing it on your wedding invitation. Your guests will ask you, your parents, other friends, or see it on your shower invitation or wedding website and find the gifts from there. Listing your registry on your own page is like simply saying, “Get me a gift, please.”

Remember in your planning, just make sure you focus on what’s at hand and if you are a person who shares your life on social media, continue to do so, just modify a few wedding related posts to not tip over the edge! If you are not an every-day sharer, don’t feel obligated to change your nature.


Hiring || Productions Operator + Delivery Driver

We’re hiring again! We’re looking for a driver, productions operator, all around good guy to keep things rolling around here and put up with all of these ladies on a regular basis! If you know someone interested, send them to us!


Delivery driver and productions operator to join our Ashley & Co. team. Hours will vary from 30-50 per week, depending on season, with many nights and weekends. Responsibilities include inventory control, organization and cleanliness of warehouse and storage, delivery trucks, overall property and client communication upon delivery and pick up. Inventory includes tables, chairs, linens and misc. décor items. We are in a fast paced environment that requires quick thinking and good problem solving skills when onsite with clients.


*have valid driver’s license and be able to clear insurance screening

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*have attention to detail

*have a positive attitude and customer service

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Mock Set || college station event planning

What exactly is a “mock set” and what are the benefits? If you’ve ever been in our showroom I’m sure the words mock set have been thrown out in conversation more than once! We are strong believers in mock sets and try to encourage our coordination and rental brides to do one prior to their weddings. If you have heard the phrase in passing, but really aren’t sure what it is, or if one would be…