Designing Your Wedding

There are many components to our business that we are truly passionate about, and I would say design ranks right up there at the top no matter the circumstance! We find that brides have a love hate relationship with design. When breaking your wedding design into segments and seeing that your vision is executed correctly, the overall design can speak for you more boldly than you would ever imagine. These are a few points that we try to focus on with wedding design to try to help keep everyone on track during wedding planning.

Use Pinterest (and like sites) as inspiration, but make it yours and make it consistent.

We are blessed to have inspiration sites at our fingertips 24/7, which makes planning a wedding such fun! At the same time it can be a little overwhelming and easy to get off track. We often see Pinterest boards that start with one style and one direction and end in a completely different style. When selecting pictures for inspiration, make sure you know what you like about it. Is it the color, the flower, the chair, the table, the dress, the hairstyle, the picture setting, the way the picture is processed, etc.? You can find several things that really stand out in multiple pictures and create your own look by bringing them all together. You will be amazed at the end result! When talking with your vendors, listen to their professional opinions as well. If you present them with a picture that is a statement piece hear out their thoughts and ask how you can turn that design into yours and make it practical for your wedding.


Selecting your wedding colors.

When you select your wedding colors you will want a few, whether they are completely different shades and tones of the same color or altogether different colors. What your bridesmaids will wear will actually end up being an accent color in your wedding, so consider that when selecting the dress. That will be a strong color in your ceremony, but at the reception you won’t want your bridesmaids sitting at a table that is covered in the same color because they blend. You want their dresses to pop with the linens, just as you want your dress to pop against the linen or table you will be sitting at. You can bring your colors in with flowers, clothing, linens, and accent décor that will all add different dimension depending on placement.


Keep your style #1 when making decisions and know those are the pictures you will always have.

You want your guests to attend your wedding and know immediately when they arrive that the style is a true reflection of the bride and groom. It is so easy to get caught up in the opinions of those who surround you during the planning, the bridal media trends, and what the venues or vendors might be pushing at the time, but remember that this is and always will be your wedding. Whether your style is classic, vintage, traditional, rustic, modern, or bohemian, make sure you select a venue that will lend to that décor easily and then start putting your pieces together such as accent tables, linens, chairs or covers, and colors that will all complement one another. Let your groom have opinions about certain things, and compromise during the process to make sure you are remembering that he needs to feel comfortable and remembered as well. The attire for the men, the groom’s cake, the exit vehicle, music, food and beverages are all fantastic ways for the groom to be included and enjoy the selection process.


Create focal points.

Focal points are locations that you will gather throughout the night and hold “special” moments. Your ceremony, your sweetheart table or head table, your cake table, your dance floor, your exit location and even your food and bar can all be focal points of your venue. We love creating interesting style “tweaks” to these locations to make them a little different from the rest of the reception. Select a few and recreate the look. Hang a few chandeliers or café lights, continue a monogram throughout the locations, drape and swag, be a little more extravagant with your floral arrangements or place statement linens on these tables.


Spend your money wisely.

Pick the items that are important to you and make sure you get the look you want with those items. Spend your money on items you know will be heavily photographed during the wedding and reception, like the tables around your dance floor, the front area of your ceremony, and make sure that look is what you love. You will more than likely be able to use the items from your ceremony again at the reception, which is always a bonus! Ask your florist for suggestions on that with alter arrangements, bridesmaids’ bouquets and pew markers. Your wedding coordinator, family member or friend can always help move those for you. If you find a vendor that you click with but get a quote returned that is out of your budget, talk to them about what else you can get in that look by changing things up a bit.

DeBord {stately || black, white & gold}

Clarke {vintage romantic || soft pink + lavender + white + delicate touches}

Noel {ranch chic || navy + sunflowers + natural toned accents}

Hoss {natural elegance || maroon + grey + black + complete personalization}

Hello 2017

Yes, I realize we are nearly two months into this “New Year” and the “new” has somewhat faded fast, but we’ve had a lot going on and still want to share and reflect a little with everyone. 2016 was an interesting year for all of us. There was a lot of learning, a lot of growth, a few changes, a little disappointment, but in the end so much laughter and building. As a team we have hit 2017 stronger than ever and ready to take on all that we can. I came into the year with such a fresh look on things and with such excitement about what we could accomplish with the years of experience and ability that we all possess, and with the chemistry that our team holds. We all set the bar very high each day for each other, and enjoy making sure that the level of expectation is met. It creates good vibes.

In 2016 we…

Found a logistics manager that brings more to the table than we could have ever imagined. {more to come on how we challenge Ted on a daily basis}
Said goodbye to one of coordinators, Hollis, only to develop a great relationship with her in her new position with Texas A&M CVM and be included in one of the best events of the year.
Got to work one on one with the most amazing couples to coordinate with them and see that their wedding days were flawless.
Helped countless rental clients achieve the look they dreamed of by designing from the table up for their wedding day.
Were privileged to work with new corporate clients who had new styles and appreciation for out of the box designs.
Developed even stronger relationships with the fabulous corporate clients we already work with and helped them make an even larger footprint in the event industry.
Executed some of the largest, most logistically challenging and gorgeous events yet to date.
Learned a lot about our capabilities and how to work best as a team.
Got a new porch…concrete!


In 2017 we…
Are preparing for a new roof! {1st step porch, 2nd step roof, it’s a whole process!}
Will continue to build our relationships with our clients and learn more about them so that we can continue to set the bar at the highest level no matter the event size.
Are looking forward to the upcoming weddings with the precious brides we have on the books, as well as meeting and establishing relationships with the others who come through the doors.
Have already celebrated numerous events and weddings, and are gushing over photos on a regular basis.
Can’t wait to push the creativity limits to an outstanding level.
Will launch new marketing materials and this sweet site!
Celebrate five years of being operational in our location!
Are looking forward to great things.

Thank you for sharing the ride with us. Thank you for believing in us. Thank you for designing with us.






Wedding Destination Bryan-College Station, Texas

The twin cities, Bryan-College Station that is, have become increasingly popular over the years. We are a bit biased, but why would you not LOVE these towns?! Not only have the city population, university enrollment, and overall activities increased, but the number of couples choosing to have their weddings here continues to climb.

reception_333 reception_266 scasta-734

Why has the popularity of our “small towns” increased for weddings?

  1. Texas A&M and the act of Aggies falling in LOVE! According to the Fall 2015 Texas A&M Profile, there was a local (College Station campus) enrollment of 57,934 students. This was up from the 2013 Fall enrollment of 52,449 and the 2014 enrollment of 55,810. More people attending Texas A&M can only mean more opportunities for first kisses during a football game date, engagements under the Century Tree and more couples looking to get married in the same town they fell in love in. Being that for so many couples Bryan-College Station played a large part in the foundation of their relationship, it makes perfect sense to host your wedding in that town.
  2. Centrally located. We’ve found that many of our couples have families traveling from DFW, Austin, Houston or out of state, and find Bryan-College Station an easy access point for all. Drive time from the “larger” Texas cities to Bryan-College Station typically ranges from an hour and a half to three and a half hours, and Easterwood Airport is located just five minutes down the road for anyone who needs to hop a flight. The bride and groom may be Aggies, may live in BCS, or may have simply chosen their venue as a destination location knowing that travel would be involved for multiple parts of the family.
  3. Lower costs. Several of the big ticket items will have a smaller price tag than if they were found in large metropolitan areas. Don’t expect everything to be “cheap”, because that’s probably not the package you should be interested in, but appreciate the items that you can get at a lower price. Some of the areas that tend to fluctuate are venues, rental items, entertainment, catering, general labor and accommodations.
  4. Small town, friendly feel. By the end of your wedding, it is not uncommon for you to have established a friendship with a few of your vendors that you’ve started having weekly or daily conversations with and think you’ll miss them when the wedding planning ends. People in Texas are nice in general, but the people in Bryan-College Station really make you feel like you are part of the family when you have selected them to be a part of your special day. It’s not the corporate, only chat during business hours, work around our schedule kind of business, it’s the true accommodating, let me listen to your story and sit with you a while to get to know you feeling.

steven-callie-0821 steven-callie-0434 steven-callie-0428

No matter what your wedding destination is, have it share your story. Let the guests know the story of what the location means and why the town or venue shares a special place in your heart. If you’re including welcome bags in hotel rooms, you can include a note of explanation with a local specialty gift that will allow the guests to take away a little something too. If you’re having favors at your wedding, you can also specialize those to share the story of your location.

We in Bryan-College Station are embracing the growth and the fact that we get to meet more brides, families and wedding parties to be included in a growing number of wedding each year! If you are considering having your wedding in the Brazos Valley, visit the website for the Bridal Association of the Brazos Valley at and learn more about the upcoming Bridal Show and Benefit to be held Sunday, September 18th at the Brazos Expo.


Keenan + Tate || november 22, 2014

The rumor is, “Rain on your wedding day brings good luck.” Whether that holds true or not, rain on your wedding day will bring about some truly fantastic moments.

These moments may be comical (that you might laugh at after the wedding, possibly not the day of), they may be trying (again, that you could look back on and understand why you had to experience after the wedding), but the rain moments can really be sweet and tender. Holding a hand to make sure you have the proper footing, snuggling closer to share that umbrella, sharing the jacket of your date to keep the night chill off of your shoulders. Sweet moments.

Keenan and Tate were married in November of 2014 and rain could have been the theme of their wedding. Back up plans started to be put into effect Thursday prior to the wedding, the rain started Wednesday and did no let up until Sunday morning. There vehicles that were stuck, a ceremony location that was moved, hair do’s that didn’t cooperate as intended, but most importantly, there were celebratory hugs and kisses and a lovely husband and wife at the end of the night. The guests came, visited, ate, drank and danced like never before and all was well.

Keenan and Tate are a true testament that rain on your wedding day is not a bad way to start your married life, and to us, rain is always good for a lifetime of good luck and love!

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{coordination} Kelly Nail || Ashley & Co.
venue} The Amish Barn at Edge
photographer} Jennefer Wilson Photography
caterer} Global Event Group
bar service} Luke’s Bartending Service
dj||ceremony + reception} Downtown Event Services
{baker} Sandee’s Sweets || friend of the family Frieda Haley
{florist} Postoak Florist || friend of the family Rebecca Attardo
{beauty} MediSpa
transportation} Agggieland Limo || Aggieland’s Classy Chassis
{facilities} First Class Rentals
rehearsal dinner} Traditions Club

Bridal Show || Fall 2014 || Brazos Valley Wedding Planning

On Sunday, September 21, our local Bridal Association held the annual Fall Bridal Show and Benefit where this year, 82 vendors in the wedding industry came together to showcase their trade and put their best foot forward to meet planning brides. It proved to be one of the most attended shows, by brides and vendors alike, which is always a good reflection of those involved!

The bridal shows have become fun for us on a few different levels of participation. We get to enjoy the “bride” side by guiding current clients that we are wedding planning with and making sure they hit certain booths while at the show to do side by side comparisons. Then, we also get to exhibit as a “vendor” but more importantly, assist other vendors in booth design and rentals to help make their booths look the best they can! Here are a few of our favorite reasons from both sides of why bridal shows are pertinent to planning…

Why attend as a bride?

Style – Yes, as a “designing” company, this is always one we stress! Whether you are selecting vendors or just visiting with ones you already have contracted, you want to know they have a sense of style that fits with what you are planning. Your styles don’t have to match, you just have to have confidence that your florist, baker, wedding coordinator, wedding designer/decorator, rental company, photographer and videographer (to name a few) have the ability to read your style and execute what your vision is.
ComparisonThis is one chance you get to have vendors of the same trade in one location where you can pick their brains and decide which you feel most comfortable with, whether it is that you make your decision that day or set up a follow up appointment to make that final agreement. Ask them the same questions, don’t be afraid to talk price, and use the time as a mini interview session.
IdeasYou may already have your vendors selected, or your wedding may be out of town, but going to bridal shows can often trigger the creative juices and add some element of surprise for your wedding. If you find something you love there, don’t be afraid to talk to the vendor about it. They should be more than happy to share the tricks of the trade even if you aren’t able to work together.
GiveawaysThat’s right, free things! Most bridal shows offer door prizes, hourly drawings, vendor booth drawings, and/or grand prizes that can really add up when you’re tallying up your budget. Don’t miss that opportunity!
Girls dayTake your mom, his mom, your girlfriends and bridesmaids and just make a day of it! This can be a good bonding time for all of you without being too overwhelming with opinions and will give everyone something to focus on. They can even have wedding specific jobs after attending the show as you get details nailed down.
Eat Cake!…and all other goodness! – Possibly one of the most fun components of planning any wedding…the cake tastings! At bridal shows, you get to taste multiple cakes by multiple vendors so you can be absolutely confident they one you have chosen is the one that matches your taste buds. But not only do you get to sample multiple cakes while at the show, you get to sample the culinary work of different caterers as well.

Why attend as a vendor?

StyleShow it off! As vendors we should be flexible with the way we work our style to make sure that the end product reflects the wishes of the client. But the bridal show is an instance, just like in a vendor’s office/showroom/personal space, that we all get to use our creativity and show what our personal style is which is a huge draw for clients and should be a lot of fun for vendors. Use trendy colors or themes, or stick with something traditional and classic that always screams your name. Just do your thing!
NetworkingWorking in a like industry we need to know who we are working with, who offers what services, what names go with what businesses, and be able to share stories, business laughs and referrals. Most of the time when we are all working together it is at a wedding or event, so the shows are a little more light hearted, a little less focused on one client and can typically spare a few good conversations. It also helps to know who you like on a personal level so that you can share that, and professional experiences, with your clients. We all know how powerful word of mouth is!
Meet those bridesWhat other opportunity are you going to have to be in a room with 250-400 brides who are in the middle of planning their weddings?! This is your platform! I hear people say all the time, “The shows don’t really work for me.” If that’s the case, no big deal, but make sure you track that progress. Know going in what will make it successful for you. How many bookings do you need to get to cover your costs? How many bookings do you need to get to exceed your expectations? Set goals and make those connections with the brides that you can feel are the right fit with you. It is a hard realization as a vendor, but we are not meant to work with all clients. A bridal show brings these different personalities to you for a mini speed dating session so that you can gather their information and follow up down the road to make sure you reconnect.
A day out of the officeThis can mix it up a little bit and give you a different line up in your schedule! In the wedding industry 8am-5pm jobs are not the norm, but this can help get you out of the office, stop the computer work, and get the social chatter going. It is usually a welcome break.
Team buildingThis is a good opportunity to give different members of your team “Bridal Show” related jobs and see how they handle the task of setting up, exhibiting and pulling together a full concept of a booth. There are more components that go into it than some expect and working on projects such as this are good steps for those coming into the industry. Make sure as the manager, or owner, that you help along the way and know what the end product will be so that you can give your stamp of approval because ultimately you will hold the responsibility.

To those who attended as brides, we enjoyed meeting you and talking briefly about your wedding plans. We’ve been excited to start relationships after the show and will enjoy seeing those weddings bloom.

To those who attended as vendors, we enjoyed talking with you, seeing your ideas and style and will see you again soon.

To those who were on the planning side of the show, job well done and congratulations on the contribution that will be given to Pink Alliance at the October banquet. The donation is always such a high point!

Happy planning, businesses and brides. xoxo

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Fundraising + setting the right tone

Committing your time and efforts to a charitable organization to plan a large event, typically the largest fundraising event of the year for the organization, can be a daunting task. However, when placed with the right committee members and when working for a cause that you truly believe in, the rewards and satisfaction at the end can be worth every minute. We are so fortunate to have the opportunity to work with multiple organizations throughout the year and really get an inside look at what creates their success.

Be passionate about your cause. Whatever your charity may be, know it and own it. Be passionate about it and share that passion with others as you work to raise money to find a cure, add to research funds, rescue animals, feed the hungry, free the captured, build a new facility, educate our youth, aide those who have served, shelter the homeless, protect the battered, and so on and so on. We live in an unbelievably giving and bit hearted society and the fact that so many have the means to be on multiple sides of organizations that lend a helping hand is a beautiful thing.

Be goal oriented. Set real numbers, whether it be people, money, phone calls, or total donation. This will help to keep track of the overall progress as a whole and when the goal is reached and passed. Most people are competitive by nature, giving your committee members something to strive for, making the end result even better all around; a personal feeling of accomplishment among those who have helped reach the goals, and the donation goal reached for the cause.

Know your budget and know your limitations. Every successful event needs a budget as a foundation. This helps keep areas itemized to know what should be raised, but also allows your committee members to have professional meetings with vendors to set perimeters from the beginning. This way your vendors know if it is within their realm to produce what your event needs are, and everything is black and white from the beginning.

Assign committees with dedicated members and leaders. Break up tasks among committees with driven members who all have the same goals. Make sure everyone has their own strengths but is equally driven to be involved. A few of the committees may include entertainment, decor, food, ticket sales and seating, and sponsorship. Having one chair for each committee means that there can be one collaborative meeting among chairs to take information back to the smaller groups, but that during committee meetings the focus can remain on that committee work.

Think outside the box. What is your draw? That really unique element that sets your event apart from the others in the area and makes the tickets sell like hot cakes. This can be the location, auction items, entertainment, food, decor or sold out guest attendance each year, but having that special something will keep the event hot year after year.

Wow your guests. Create the experience that will leave your guests asking for dates for the next event and asking how they can get more involved. If you can create instant buzz post event, it makes marketing for the next that much easier. Make sure your guests feel like VIP’s from the entrance on and know that they are attending a well produced event. This will make them comfortable and willing to donate more throughout the night, creating more success in the end donation.

Stay on your path. At the completion of your event, when you think the work is done, think again! Get together, calculate the results of what was raised or will be donated and give everyone a congratulatory pat on the back. Asses the planning and overall event with a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis to gain a good grip on where the direction needs to be placed for the next function and set the next date to start the planning all over again!

We look forward to watching the production of each event again this year as the organizations strive to top last.


Social Media During Wedding Planning :: post do’s + don’ts

you the Queen of Social Media who shares every last detail of your day with all 3,000 of your “closest” Facebook friends at the close of every day? Or maybe your significant other is the one who holds that title in your relationship. When in the midst of wedding planning social media can be a great research tool, can help you document the decisions and wedding day, and can help you communicate with guests. On the flip side of that, it can be very dangerous. You can be bombarded by opinions and “suggestions” that may not be the direction you need, you can give too much information to those not intended, and you may make a few of those “closest” friends feel alienated.

Here are a few things to remember:

Inform those who are close, especially family, of your engagement before posting it. Your phone will be ringing as soon as your post has the first comment if you didn’t follow the proper chain of communication with family members and close friends of your big news! Once you’ve done your due diligence, flash that ring, or pictures of the actual proposal and start sharing away.

Put out a call for recommendations and opinions on styles, vendors, locations, etc. You may find your favorite vendors and locations based on word of mouth, but also remember that you may need to take some of the style opinions with a grain of salt. Keep most “calls” on the light and airy side to avoid issues too personal.

Create a private page that can be an avenue for information with wedding party and guests once you start getting the RSVP’s. You can have your wedding website, accommodations, times, addresses and alternate location information all listed for everyone to reference.

Get inspiration from friends’ albums and wedding photos on their pages. You may know someone who got married at your venue or had their reception at the same location and by looking at their photos it could help flow your creative juices.

Ask your guests to tag pictures, use a hashtag, or share in a group so that everyone can see your wedding day captured differently after it passes. It is always fun getting to relive through different views!

Use Facebook (or alternate social media) as an open call for addresses, or as an invitation for guests to the wedding. Your entire friend list will not be invited to the wedding, though some may feel they got snubbed without an invitation. You may have budget or venue restrictions that dictate a small guest list, but you don’t need to feel compelled to tell all. Privately message, make a phone call, email or text those who you are getting addresses from and move forward from there.

Ask your wedding party to be a part of your special day on Facebook. Use some personal, face to face communication, or phone if distance is an issue, to let them know that they are special to you and you are excited to have them be included.

Share too much information, or ask for too much information before discussing it with your significant other. Make the wedding planning something that you do as a couple before including the rest of the cyber community. Make sure you are on the same page before going full steam ahead in one direction and having everyone else on your side.

Direct friends to your wedding registry on social media. It is similar to printing it on your wedding invitation. Your guests will ask you, your parents, other friends, or see it on your shower invitation or wedding website and find the gifts from there. Listing your registry on your own page is like simply saying, “Get me a gift, please.”

Remember in your planning, just make sure you focus on what’s at hand and if you are a person who shares your life on social media, continue to do so, just modify a few wedding related posts to not tip over the edge! If you are not an every-day sharer, don’t feel obligated to change your nature.


Jennifer Ann + Andy || may 30, 2015


Jennifer Ann and her mom, Jeannie Smith, were women on a mission when it came to wedding planning. The vendor selection process was a breeze, Jennifer Ann and Andy chose a venue that would showcase their day perfectly, and a time line was put together to make sure the planning was taken care of around their busy lives in a manner that fit them well. Then wedding week came about. Everyone in the Brazos Valley is familiar with the rainy, stormy Spring we experienced in 2015. When looking forward to weekends, the forecast could make you cringe. It was no different for the weekend of May 30th and 48 hours prior to the wedding, Jennifer Ann and Andy, along with the support of their families, made the call to change venues. With a swoop of calling guests, vendors, wedding party, and a few small tweaks, all was in place and the family never skipped a beat.

If asked to describe this sweet family, I think the words Southern Grace are most fitting. If you’ve ever met them, you know you are always greeted with open arms and a warm hug, just like a part of the family. And the guests that arrived on the wedding day to celebrate Jennifer Ann and Andy were such a testament to this.


Here is what Jennifer Ann shared when we asked for advice for planning brides and her experiences.

q: How long did you plan your wedding?
a: 13 Months

q: What would you call your wedding style?
a: Rustic Elegance

q:What was your inspiration when putting together your wedding design?
a: Keeping my love of flowers a priority in the planning process, the florals really became the focal point of the event. Keeping with neutral tones in the table linens and accent colors enabled the florist to take flowers that were in season/abundant and really capitalize on those colors. The end result was EXACTLY how I pictured it- beautiful flowers with neutral and gold undertones.

Scasta-359-200x300           Scasta-265-200x300           Scasta-132-200x300

Scasta-274-300x200                       Scasta-553

q: What was your favorite part of your wedding day?
a: Dancing the night away with my new husband, our friends, and family!

q: What piece of advice would you give other couples currently planning their wedding?
a: Enjoy the planning process and try not to get too stressed if something doesn’t go as planned. We changed our venue 48 hours before our wedding day due to weather. While we could have gotten stressed, we tried extremely hard to remember what was most important—we were going to be married by the end of the weekend and that was ALL that mattered! Our wedding turned out so much better than I ever imagined!

Additionally, Make a list of what you consider the most important parts of your wedding day- and work to make those particular things the very best! Ashley & Co was great at helping with this. Kelly knew I loved flowers and wanted the reception area to be pretty. Giving her and the florist the ability to take that and run was the best thing we did! 


q: Who are your “love role models” and why?
a: Our parents- we both grew up in homes where our parents loved each other and loved Jesus.

q: What does marriage mean to you?
a: It means having a permanent best friend- right?! All jokes aside, marriage is a commitment between two people and God. We both take this commitment very seriously and are so thankful God has allowed us to go through this journey of life together! 

q: Where will you and your spouse be in 50 years and what will you be doing?
a: Living in the mountains and maintaining our active lifestyle while enjoying our family and friends. We love the outdoors and we love people- so we know those will both be parts of our future!


Those involved.

{bridal gown} Beautitude ||
{bridesmaids attire} Bill Levkoff ||
{men’s attire} Men’s Wearhouse ||
{rings} Montelongo’s ||
{coordinator} Kelly Nail || Ashley & Co.
{rehearsal dinner} The Veranda ||
{venue} The Equine Complex || (979) 458-9166
{photographer} Ashley Monogue ||
{caterer} D’Vine Cuisine ||
{bar} Chartwells
{ceremony music} BCS String Quartet||
{dj} Downtown Event Services ||
{lighting} RDM Audio ||
{cakes & desserts} Cakes by Blondie || (936) 873-2311
{florist} Postoak Florist ||

Jennifer Ann & Andy, Jeannie & Bob, thanks for letting us share your joy.


Jill + Shawn || october 4, 2014

When we initially met with Jill, we were fortunate enough to meet Shawn and Jill’s parents in the same meeting. The family dynamic was so funny and we immediately fell in love with all of them! Shawn seemed to take the “observer” seat and let Jill take control of the design and details, which she was absolutely amazing at. Jill had done so much planning on the back end of getting her ideas toget…

You will snuggle with me. || a business mommy

I typically keep business and personal pretty separate, but we are a small company and I feel like clients, vendors, those of us who work together, we’re all family. On a daily basis, I realize just how intense this whole parenting thing is. I know, that sounds ridiculous, but it is so real. I constantly question whether I was really supposed to be the person chosen for this job, and then laugh be…