this day’s for you, Dad

This weekend is about celebrating the dads in our lives. I feel like we say this a lot, but we have some really solid fathers role models in our lives who raised all of us to be hard working, respectful, mindful, loving, faithful and grateful people. And then as a bonus, we get to watch so many other fathers play a part in their little girl’s wedding day. Some are the check writers, some are the emotional supporters, some are the comedic relief, and some are even emotional themselves as they hand their daughter off to her husband to be.

Some dads don’t have much to say, the strong silent type, while others are natural entertainers, but Dad is always a symbol of home and family. I think no matter what age you are, Dad will always represent protection, safety, and comfort. Here are a few things that we think Dad has gotten down pretty much to a T.

Builder. What can Dad not build? I’m not sure about a Dad in your life, but those in our lives have the building thing DOWN! Wood, metal, Legos, Lincoln Logs, whatever the material may be, they have that vision and will see that project through!

Joker. Dad definitely teases the most, pulls the most pranks, and eventually will try to embarrass the most. Just to mention a few that we always laugh about…a snake in the hunting cabin, “Momma went to Mexico”, Halloween wrapping, and the dad picking his 8th grader up in his Speedo (find this video if you haven’t seen it!).

Role Model. Dad sets the expectation bar of manners, grooming, respect, and work ethic. From a young age we all start looking up to him and watching those interactions so that we can recreate that.

Squasher of Bugs. Dad’s feet are big, so they squash all the bad bugs and keep you safe!

Speed Racer. What dad doesn’t like to go fast? I think it’s pretty normal that Dad typically doesn’t air on the side of caution as much as mom tries to. This makes it pretty fun to drive (anything) with Dad where you can make turns, have the wind in your hair, and feel like you’re flying!

Griller…of Everything. If it can be grilled, Dad can grill it! And even if it’s not an item that is typically grilled, I bet at some point he will try to put a spin on the menu and put it on the grill. Because what dad doesn’t love to be outside grilling? And what family doesn’t love to be the guinea pigs for all of the taste testing!?

Animal CatcherSnakes, lizzards, frogs, armadillos, baby ANYTHINGS…somehow Dad is fast enough and agile enough to get those critters and share them with the rest of the family. Some of them get turned into pets, some of them get turned back into the “wild” to come and visit whenever they want.

Stabilizer. Physically and mentally, Dad needs to be the one to catch things when they fall with cat like reflexes. Don’t let the baby fall, don’t fall off the bike, watch your step going into the restaurant, catch that plate before it slides off the table. If you’re feeling like you need to be talked off a ledge, Dad can usually be the voice of reason and rationalize with you to make things make sense again and bring you back to normal.

Hugger. With Dad’s strong arms, he can give the best hugs. No matter what size you are, he will always be able to wrap you up and give you a big giant bear hug!

Coach. Not only can Dad teach you important life skills, responsibilities and sports, but he is the best partner to be on the sidelines as the coach for the whole way through! He can coach your softball, baseball, soccer, football teams, he can coach you as you learn how to take care of and show your animals, and he can coach you on how to handle the ups and downs of winning and losing in each situation. The good sports and the bad sports on the team and the grace that you should have in life.

Protector of His Tribe. No matter the situation, no matter the circumstance, Dad will always be your protector and make you safe. When I asked Sophie what her dad did best, she said “Keeps me safe.” It never changes.

Believer in You. Just like Mom, Dad is your biggest supporter and biggest fan. He believes in you, he will push you to be better, and will help you grow and learn new things. You can always depend on him, you can always run to him. He will teach you good life lessons, he will let you get in trouble, and he will bail you out, but only a few times, you better learn from your mistakes.

We love you, Dads, enjoy your day, this and every day. Happy Father’s Day.





Be in the Moment

A sweet friend of mine recently got engaged and after the “dust” settled a bit from the excitement we started talking one day. She was feeling a little overwhelmed in her position and needed to just chat, vent, and hear a little wedding reality. She is a bride to be, an unbelievably talented and sought after photographer (therefore in the “industry” herself), a business owner, an entrepreneur on many levels, and is used to the juggling act of life. In fact, the last two years have given her more of a juggling act than I knew one person could handle! However, she has done it with more grace and dignity than I’m sure I could have ever shown. But the overall wedding planning had become unnecessarily overwhelming.

The truth is, she has waited many years for these moments…the engagement, the ring, being the fiance, soaking in every second…and her stress came by being bombarded by the questions of what next. Why do we do that as a society? When is the date? Where will you get married? What are your colors? Oh, you’ve only been engaged three days, you better get on it! I feel like sometimes we miss the time to enjoy now because we are looking to what will come next. What happened to being in the moment? I don’t think it is an intentional act, at least not always, I think a lot of people really just want to know what the next steps are in the natural progression, but it seems to come with all aspects of life.

When you are graduating high school…What college will you attend? What will you study? Where will that lead you in the career field? Where do you want to eventually live?
When you are in college and preparing for graduation…What jobs have you applied for? What job are you taking? Where will you live? Is that close to family, or far? Are you dating someone? Is it serious? (I have never been one to understand why the last two are as important at that time in your life, but they seem to go hand in hand.)
When you are seriously dating someone…Have you talked about marriage? When will you get engaged? When will you get married? Where will you live?
When you get engaged…When is the wedding? Where is the wedding? Where will you live?
When you get married…Will you change jobs? When will you have kids? Are you trying to have kids?
When you have kids…Where will they stay? Will you have them in private or public school? Will you have more? When will you have more?

We hear it all the time, life happens fast. But do we really listen and soak it in enough to understand what that means? I want to use this an example to myself, to not only be present in each day, but to really understand the moment of excitement and love that others have to share, and not rush them on to the next. I want to continue to plan for my future, and set goals, but not forget where I am today and how to enjoy today. To all of those engaged couples, enjoy that moment of being a fiance and take a minute to wright down your entire engagement story so that you can one day share that with your loved ones. The wedding will happen, the planning will happen. Find those around you who can help you create the exact day that is you. For those soon to be married, enjoy your wedding day. It will go fast. Eat what you can, and take a box to go. Have a good photographer so that you don’t have to obsess over pictures on your phone all day. Be beautiful, feel beautiful, and dance the night away.

To my sweet friend, enjoy your engagement party with your fiance. And then enjoy your time with him before you are married. You know better than anyone to savor your time, and you are surrounded by a support group who will make sure that you are taken care of! Because you would do the same.

Be in the moment.



Tiffani & Josh || march 25, 2017

We first met the Father of the Bride, Charles, when the wedding planning was in the first stages for Tiffani and Josh. Charles came into the shop and truly stopped at the first desk he came to, just needing to bounce some wedding ideas off of someone and talk through some logistics. This happened to be Stephanie’s desk, who ended up being the perfect wedding coordinator and planning partner along the way. Charles is a planner, and with Tiffani and Josh in Dallas during the planning portion, there was a lot that he and Dianna (mother of the bride) took into their own hands. And did a fantastic job. They made sure each step of the way that Tiffani and Josh were involved in the planning, but not bothered with too much, they made sure that the important details were picked up on and noted, and made sure to keep everyone on the right track so that when it came to the wedding weekend Tiffani and Josh could come into town and enjoy every minute of it.

The ceremony was a very important part of their wedding day, for many reasons. Dianna and Polly (mother of the groom) introduced the two, knowing that they would have much more in common than they realized. The families have a common bond of involvement at Christ United Methodist Church, and were even married by the father of the groom, Tommy Myrick, who is a pastor at the church.

Growing up in the Brazos Valley, they were both surrounded by Texas A&M traditions, but Tiffani followed her heart to Fort Worth to become a TCU Horned Frog and said she never imagined having A&M traditions as a part of her wedding. She did, however marry an Aggie and give a bit to make her groom happy by adding little touches to their wedding day like surprising him with his Texas A&M groom’s cake, having her wedding garter be a blend of TCU and A&M with colors and charms, and of course allowing for the Aggie War Hymn to be played (and even participating!) during the reception.

As the couple ended their night, they said their farewells to guests and were taken to the Hyatt Regency, Lost Pines where Tiffani was able to make her final grand entrance of the night into the hotel in her wedding dress.

Tiffani and Josh, your marriage is truly one build of a foundation of love a faith with a support system that will not fail you. You and your families are precious and we wish you a life of laughter and happiness and can’t wait to see you grow as a family!


{coordination + rentals} Stephanie Martinez || Ashley & Co.
{church} Christ United Methodist Church
{reception venue} Broken Arrow
{photography} Michael Kellett || Michael Kellett Photography
{videography} Chad Cockrum || Brazos Multimedia
{catering} Billy & Kantessa Castillo || D’Vine Cuisine
{baker} Cake Junkie
{florist} Postoak Florist
{dj} Justin Lopez || Downtown Event Services
{beauty} Kim Maracchini || MediSpa
{transportation} Terrie Rogers || Aggieland Limo



to Mom, with love

With Mother’s Day upon us, we dedicate this blog to the Moms in our lives. We are blessed to not only have our own amazing mothers, but to be in a business that we get to build relationships with “moms” who have a hand in the planning process of their daughter or son’s wedding and have so much to share. We’ve come across some pretty special moms in this business.

So just how special is Mom? Well, here are a few things that we all KNOW Mom has managed to master and we all hope to one day do as well as she does. (As I’m in the four and a half year mom mark, I’m realizing that these remain the same, they just change function a bit around the age and subject of those surrounding the household.)

Don’t you agree that Mom is The Best…

Snuggler. Whether snuggling is called for because someone is hurt (emotionally or physically), scared, tired, sick, or just because it makes you feel good, Mom does it best. Mom will scratch your back while she snuggles you, talk or read to you, and make sure you are the most comfortable. Jeff told me one time after Sophie was born that she liked to snuggle on me because I was softer and squishier than he was. Those probably weren’t the best words at the time to describe that, but I think it might be somewhat true.

Food Creator. What’s for dinner?  Whether Mom planned dinner that morning (or night before for the moms that are WAY on top of it!), or it’s a fly by the seat of your pants kind of night when you get home, there will be something that will suffice as breakfast, lunch and dinner to feed the household. Some days it gets a little more creative, which is often a fun way of trying new things, but it does get done.

Multi-Tasker. Talk about mastering the act of juggling. Mom has it down. Multi-tasking is something Mom can do in every form to maximize the time spent with each activity. I don’t think it matters as a working mom or stay at home mom, I feel like every mom has a lot going on and plate full of “opportunities” that only she can figure out how to handle perfectly for her family.

Bug Controller. If it’s a bad bug, Mom to the rescue to kill it! If it’s a nice bug, Mom to the rescue to help catch/trap it and set it free!

Super Cleaner. Someone has just called and said they’re coming over for a quick visit, and automatically Mom goes into super cleaning mode! Objects start flying into closets and holes that sometimes you didn’t even know existed, pillows get put back on couches, the floor gets the best half sweep and spot mop ever, counter tops get wiped, and viol-a Mom feels good because she just accomplished a two hour clean in ten minutes and can share her space again.

Taxi Driver. This goes back, and hand in hand with the multi-tasking, but until there is another driver’s license awarded in the family, Mom drives to school, to sports practice, to all try-outs, to friends houses, back somewhere when something was forgotten, to dance class, to swim…you know the drill. By the time Mom is done driving and passes on the keys she could have driven around the world!

Dance Party Partner. When you sometimes just need to dance, in the car, in the kitchen, or in the rain, chances are Mom will act like a crazy fool and dance away with you, which makes every day better!

Homework Solver. What are the chances all of the homework over the years would have gotten done if Mom hadn’t been there asking, what homework do you have, when is it due, how much is left, do you need help? She not only made sure you had the assignments in, but also would sit and make sure you had help when you needed it.

Shopper. I’m sure this is much more fun and memorable for the girls than the boys, but shopping with Mom is always the best! She knows what will fit, what will look best, what will look ridiculous that you still have to try on, and how to find the greatest shoes.

Finder of all things Lost. Those shoes that never make it back to the closet, that hair clip that is constantly misplaced, the last phase of the project you worked on last night and now can’t find…Mom will somehow be able to put her hands on that item. Maybe it’s a new set of eyes, maybe it’s the depths that go under the bed, or maybe it’s just the patience that Mom holds, but thank goodness someone is able to keep the things together in order to get everyone out the door (because it’s always when you’re trying to leave that it becomes a tragic loss of an item).

Laugher. From the very first smile, to the very first belly laugh, to the laughs that happen on regular conversations as you grow up, Mom is the one who understands your true happiness and earns for you to find that. Wants to laugh with you, wants to make you laugh, wants you to surround yourself with those who fill your space with laughter and happiness.

Listener. And Talker. It starts as soon as the babbling begins. Mom is the one cooing babbling back. During the word development stages, Mom somehow can decipher what that lingo is and translate for all others. When there is a problem and you need someone to talk to, Mom will listen. She will always be honest with you and give you the advice she thinks you need. No matter the age, no matter the location, Mom will always be there for you.

Believer of You. Among all things, Mom will always be your biggest supporter. Your biggest fan. Your biggest believer. During all of life’s obstacles, every moment that you’re reaching for that next level, each new level that you try to conquer, Mom will be rooting you on, knowing you can do it, believing in your strength and power every single step of the way.

We wanted to share some of our favorite Mom moments from past encounters. We love you Moms, and appreciate all that you do.


Southwest Vibes || A Styled Shoot

What a better day than Cinco de Mayo to roll out our Southwest inspired styled shoot! Bright colors, cactus accents and natural elements create the perfect escape for anyone.

It was important to utilize the space that the venue had. Have you seen the bridal suite at Moore Ranch?! Any make up artist and hairstylist would love to work there! Cynda swept right in and started her magic with Summer. These two had really good chemistry and you could tell it was important to Cynda that Summer not only looked, but felt like the bride that day. It showed.


From Stephanie… This entire shoot started from a photo that I saw of turquoise painted antlers. I wanted to create a concept that incorporated antlers, cactus, turquoise, and greens, all mixed with yellow, oranges, and reds to have the dessert feel as the base. The overall look was only a portion of what I loved about this idea. The food was probably one of my most favorite items to work on. As a foodie myself, this menu could really have endless possibilities! What Lauren and the Hilton catering team came up with showed well in our shoot, and are items that all guests would love being served at events!

The team:

Design & Rentals || Stephanie Martinez || Ashley & Company
Venue || Moore Ranch on the Brazos
Photography || Butch Ireland
Floral & Decor || Jaelynn Solomon || Urban Rubbish
Food & Bar || Lauren Fox || College Station Hilton
Desserts || Sandee Moss || Sandee’s Sweets
Make Up || Cynda Blankenship || Urban Rouge
Hair || Christopher Michael
Dress || VIP Bridal
Model || Summer Brackin

Until the next.



Ashley & Derrick || december 3, 2016

We met Ashley & Derrick through the planning process and after multiple meetings of getting the ball rolling and setting the groundwork with Ashley’s sweet mom, Josie. With Ashley not being in town, but being a “local girl”, it worked well to have Josie and Kelly work together to do what they could and make the most of Ashley’s time when she was in town for face to face meetings, tastings, mock sets, trial runs…the really fun wedding things! After all, there had already been one wedding in the family so Josie was pretty much a pro!

Ashley had a vision of a Cool Winter wedding, with white branches adorned with crystals, heavy winter greens, and color pallet that consisted of charcoal, navy and maroon. That style inside her venue, The Brownstone Reserve, was the perfect combination to execute her dream day. On that December day, Mother Nature had plans outside of the outdoor ceremony that was originally on the books. Rain on your wedding day is good luck, and with a solid back up plan in place, all went off without a glitch moving ceremony indoors in front of the gorgeous staircase and then clearing the dance floor for the party to come after! Ashley and Derrick wanted to make sure they shared a little piece of the things they loved with their guests. The groom’s cake was a giant cookie with multiple layers and filling in between each, surrounded by chocolate chip cookies for everyone to enjoy. The guests got to be entertained with a slow-mo booth during the reception, and the music was a mix of country, pop and Tejano to make sure everyone had their turn on the dance floor!

One of the sweetest moments that we were able to witness that day was the time between Ashley and her dad, David, just before he walked her down the aisle. Full of emotion, full of butterflies, David wrapped his loving arms around his daughter to calm her and let her know that he was by her side.

Ashley and Derrick, we wish you many years of love and laughter with your support group surrounding you and building you up!



{coordination + rentals} Kelly Nail  || Ashley & Co.
{venue} Brownstone Reserve
{photographer} Maleigh Canon || Canon Creek Photography
{catering + bar} Lauren Fox || The Hilton
{baker} Sandee Moss || Sandee’s Sweets
{florist} Debbie Brooks || Postoak Florist
{dj} Justin Lopez || Downtown Event Services
{beauty} Priscilla Flores || Funky Cheveux Salon
{transportation} Aggieland Limos

Summer & Fall Intern Positions || Ashley & Co.

It’s that time again! Like the changing of the guards, it is time to wish our part of our current interns the best on their next journeys and begin looking for those who will be with us for the summer and fall event seasons. We have a great summer wedding schedule, we’re starting to plan with TAMU recruitment, our fall corporate schedule is always spectacular, and this season falls into Christmas and holiday parties!

In May we have one intern graduating and joining the event world with her mom as they introduce their own event company in the DFW area, and we have one intern who is going to gain more experience in the industry to continue to develop her knowledge. Robyn and Revyn, we wish you the best of luck and appreciate the time and experience you’ve had with us! Brittany will be working at home for the majority of the summer and plans to join us back in the fall when classes resume!

Over the years we’ve been blessed by so many sweet, talented girls coming through our doors who have truly become family to us. We’ve watched many go on to pursue dreams of working in the event industry, and have been able to help a few come to grips with the fact that this isn’t the field for everyone. And that is what an internship is all about! We feel it is important to be able to understand not only the event day, but the prep side of how to get there. There are initial meetings, there is office work, there is inventory control, and on the event day, it’s long. But when you know you fit in the event industry, it’s a magical fit.

What we do {wedding+corporate+social events}:

  • Planning & Coordination
  • Rentals {tables, chairs, linens, chandeliers, cafe lights, decor items, custom bids}
  • Design

We are fortunate enough to work with a multitude of clients. Some are wedding based that you develop a strong relationship with because you work so closely together for a set amount of time leading up to the wedding. Some are corporate and social based that you get to build repeat business with and design a variety of events for throughout the year.

What we’re looking for {in an intern}:

  • Hard worker. The hours are long, but we’re right there beside you. We also move tables and chairs. Everyone moves tables and chairs. It’s important to us that each person on our team understands the logistics of this.
  • Detail oriented. High attention to detail, with a sense of urgency to understand time restraints that is.
  • People person. Not afraid to talk to others, or learn about a total stranger if asked to keep a client company for a few minutes while we wrap something up. We are small business and we want everyone who walks in to feel like family.
  • Willingness to work weekends and nights. Yes, that’s when people have events, and we know it interferes with a social life, but that’s how it goes. We also often have events during football season (gasp, I know!), and they are sometimes the MOST FUN events!
  • Eagerness to Learn. Someone who wants to learn from the event industry and gain experience to see if this is the field that you are supposed to go into. We currently have two full time coordinators with us who started as interns. As we hire, we like to hire those who we see are a good fit. But other event companies see your experience as such a plus for their companies as well. Experience is key to getting your foot in the door with event companies, and we want our interns to leave here with the experience to feel confident walking into an array of situations.
  • Team Player. Once you start with us, you are on our team. You will never be asked to do anything we either aren’t doing, or haven’t done before. It’s not all glamour work, but it’s all necessary work that goes into what we do. If you’re only interested in one part, that’s not beneficial for the team.
  • Creativity. Tell us what you bring to the table and how you can show it off!

Being an event planner is somewhat like being a jack of all trades. You need to have high customer service and customer awareness, but at the same time be firm and stand your ground. You need to be organized and in control of all situations, but understand that your entire schedule is that of controlled chaos. You need to be dressed in a manner that you can sweat, move tables and chairs and complete all of your day’s prep, while keeping in mind that you need to transform for your event in a matter of 5-10 minutes into professional and presentable clothes, make up and hair. Our interns get to see all of this and how they fit into this industry. Some choose to stay on this path, others choose to walk a different direction.

We require 3-4 hours in the office per week (unpaid) and event work based on availability and calendar (paid per event). Some weeks we may have opportunities for up to six events, other weeks we may not have an event.

To apply:
email Kelly Nail @ [email protected]

Kelly will be setting up interviews early May to get the ball rolling! We can’t wait to start meeting new prospects!


Something I don’t want to forget…

For everyone who has followed us for a while, you know I occasionally get nostalgic or just plain real and need to put it into words.

Back in December, Kelly and I were having a discussion with a venue manager as we broke down a Christmas party about our delivery trucks and it really took me back to memories that I don’t ever want to forget. The exact topic of our conversation was that our “big” truck wasn’t running so smoothly and that I was aware that in 2017 I needed to make allowance for a replacement. I don’t get attached to vehicles. Don’t get me wrong, I drive my vehicles for a LONG time, but I’ve never really had a sentimental attachment to a vehicle. I really like my current one, so to me, that means I’ll get the same make and model when I decide to upgrade. My very first vehicle was a 1975 Vega without AC, standard of course, that I appreciate much more now that I’m older.

For some reason, I’m incredibly attached to our work trucks. Even going back through pictures to formulate this blog, I realize what a crazy amount of photos I take of these trucks. With absolutely nothing else in the picture. Only a delivery truck. We have our “Little Truck”, that was our first purchase. This is a 10′ box truck that Jeff came across at U-Haul and was able to strike a sweet deal over to bring it “home”. One of the first things that he did to convert it for better use was to build a metal hanging rack in the back for linen transport. Our “Big Truck” is a 24′ box truck with a lift gate that does most of our heavy hauling…tables, chairs, all the big loads. Jeff again was able to come to a fabulous deal with a friend of ours during the purchase of a nursery in Leander because this truck was on the property but was no longer needed. Both came to us used, with “several” miles, and are not loaded with bells and whistles, but came to us each at different times that made me so thankful for a truck of that size. We had been open for three months when we got the little truck and it was a complete surprise to me when it showed up in the parking lot. A wonderful surprise! We purchased the big truck in February of 2014 just before we got the first order of tables and chairs that were ours.


Is it odd that I remember the exact days that each truck came to be parked in our lot, and what clients we delivered what inventory to first in each truck? I remember that so clearly, and I never want to forget. I remember how much easier the little truck made the delivery of the cocktail tables and linens, and how scared I was backing the big truck down the driveway of the first house to make the table and chair delivery (but how thankful I was for the lift gate for the tables and chairs!). I remember being so excited seeing the trucks wrapped for the first time. Knowing they had our brand going down the road and would represent us with each stop. When I’m in town and I see our trucks, I still smile. When I get pictures from friends and clients who see our trucks around town, I smile. I also never want that to stop.

I think internally, I know that our trucks represent a lot of where we’ve come from, future goals, long work hours and great rewards. Our trucks represent all of us who are a family here because they carry us. When a truck is down, we are down. I know that another addition is on the horizon, and it’s not a bad thing, it means we’re growing. It means we’re able to support another truck. But don’t mind me if I start driving the old “Big Truck” around occasionally or just leave it parked at my house as a second vehicle, just in case, because I might have a sentimental attachment to it.

I’m keeping my memories close, no matter how crazy they may sound, because to me those first deliveries in those trucks are just as important to remember as the ones we’re making today!

xoxo ashley


Amy + Derk || october 23, 2016

When talking about Amy and Derk’s wedding with vendors and our coordination team who worked on their wedding, you hear the same thing from all involved. What an AWESOME party! And there was no doubt that from the beginning Amy and Derk knew that was their crowd and they had to set the bar high. You see, the logistics of their planning was a little different than most. Amy grew up in Bryan/College Station, but she and Derk did their planning from The Netherlands, and wanted to make sure that their Dutch crowd was introduced to many things Texan, but also that the Texans were introduced to a semi-traditional Dutch experience during the day. It could not have blended more perfectly.

Kelly from our office was their coordinator and she and Amy were a perfect match from the beginning. Through only two personal visits to Texas during the planning that consisted of wedding meeting marathon days, and multi-hour Face Time sessions about every two to three weeks, the two were able to assemble a rock star vendor team and the vision that Amy had in her head. The wedding day was full of soft, romantic touches, accented with hints of metallic and candle light, with heavy details that left a large impact in everything from the bridesmaids gowns, floral, table centerpieces, men’s attire and Amy’s gown.

The ceremony was held on a beautiful Fall afternoon, and the guests immediately went into the reception hall to begin visiting and enjoying cocktails before dinner. Everyone was treated to a plated meal and wine service, devoured the cake and then began dancing like there was no tomorrow. One guest was a Dutch emcee/DJ, and even shared the mic a bit with the wedding DJ, which was a learning experience for both of them, but kept the crowd roaring.

We love it when you can mention a client and just remember how much fun everyone had and what an impact that crowd made on all! Amy and Derk, you certainly left your footprint in Texas on your wedding day and we’re so excited to hear the rumor that you may be making your way back to Houston for job transfers in the future.

Lots of love! xoxo




{coordination + rentals} Kelly Nail || Ashley & Co.
{venue} Crystal Springs
{photographer} Lighthouse Photography
{videography} Hunter Floyd
{caterer} Epicures Catering
{bar} Luke’s Bartending Service
{baker} Cakes by Blondie
{florist} Cuts of Color
{dj} Downtown Event Services
{transportation} Lone Star Executive Limousine
{beauty} Hair and Makeup by Bunmi

What’s in your purse? Event planners of all scope, this is for you.

Is your purse a fashion statement, for functionality, or more of a tool bag? I’ve found a purse can double as a lot, and in the industry it should! Last week there were three of us who stumbled upon a comical night when were forced to find many things in my purse that we thought might save our lives! It just so happens that as an event planner, you don’t carry a purse as only a fashion statement. Your purse serves as a holding cell for truly functional tools in your everyday life that could be needed at any point, but could also generate the strangest looks from those around you when pulled out in the middle of a conversation.

These are actual items that I retrieved from my purse to share. For those of you who are with me on a regular basis, you know that I do carry them with me religiously. Often you can find even stranger items in my purse, it just depends on the situation. Ultimately, you should always be prepared, and these items aide in that.

So, what do I carry in my purse that will ALWAYS be there without fail? Here we go!

Item: Lip Essentials
I may not always be wearing lipstick, but I ALWAYS have multiple shades available, with liner options and gloss, along with chap-stick (refer back to my all-time obsession in case you don’t know me).  I never put my lipstick on in the bathroom before I leave my house, it’s always the last thing I do before I walk in somewhere, or maybe the first thing I do when I get to work. I don’t know why, maybe it stays fresher in my mind? But for that reason, it stays in my purse and is readily available when I need to freshen up throughout the day. I haven’t found a long lasting that truly stays put all day long and leaves my lips feeling normal, so yes, I still reapply.

Item: Pens || Functionality
A chalk marker and a general pen. Chalkboards are huge in our industry, and it’s important for us to be able to make one “stage ready” immediately. A chalk marker and clean board and we’re good to go. In my everyday life at the office, I am very particular about what type of pen I want to use. (It’s another one of my “weird” things.) But in my purse, I carry whatever happens to have slipped in there that can double as a back up in case I run out of ink in my favorite, someone needs to borrow a pen, or Sophie needs to write a note on one of her notebooks. I must not be attached to this pen, because the chances of it lasting are slim to none.

Item: Excedrin Migraine
There is never a good time for a headache, so we all make sure something is nearby. Some react well to Excedrin Migraine, for others it dulls the pain a bit, but if it can help get you through the day a little better, it’s a win! Most of us have a bottle in our purse and a bottle in our desk just in case.

Item: Sophie’s Jewelry
Like many others out there, I am a mom of a very busy four year old. Some days she is a cowgirl with boots, jeans and a cowgirl hat, other days she is going to a dance with her fanciest shoes and all the jewelry she can pile on. No matter the occasion, the accessories typically last half way through whatever outing we’re on and end up in my purse for safe keeping for the rest of the time.

Item: Tape Measure
I do not go anywhere without a tape measure. And do you know what item I use the most? The tape measure. Scoping out venues to start diagrams, measuring furniture and equipment to make sure it fits, menu sizing, I could go on forever. My dad gave this tape measure to me in a toolbox when I left for college, and this little 16′ tape has seen many miles since.

Item: Screw Driver (Phillips or Flathead)
I carry a miniature Phillips head screw driver, but also have it’s twin in a Flathead at home that both came in the aforementioned toolbox. It’s often a toss up as to which actually is in the purse.

Item: Zip Ties
Zip ties and wire run neck and neck, but  zip ties are much easier on the inside of your purse. We use zip ties to hang, tie, secure, and generally fix many situations. Cut those ends off and they may never be noticed!

Items: Wire Cutters
The wire cutters come in handy when using the zip ties, but can also double for scissors or floral cutters when absolutely necessary.


For all of you in the industry reading this and pulling items out of your purse to compare, I hope you’re laughing right along with us! Part of survival of being in this business is not the glam, it is the functionality and real life skills that get you through each situation!