Bridal Shower Chic…Mock Set Prep

Bridal showers have been evolving over the years from a quiet brunch with matriarchs of the family and a few close girl friends to an exciting themed event that sometimes can be as extravagant and crazy as the bachelorette party. These days you really have the opportunity to go all out for your bridal shower and do something fun and surprising. The themes range from something as classic as “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” all the way to “A Night in Vegas”.

Here at Ashley and Company we’ve decided to land somewhere in the middle and are working on a Bridal Shower Showcase alongside some very creative vendors here in Bryan/College Station, Texas. The theme we’ve setted on is a “Retro Kitchen Bridal Shower”. We are using fun colors, textures and creative ideas to really take this bridal shower theme to the next level.

Check back next week to see it all put together and try and find how we incorporated our fun fabrics and retro colors below.