Aggie Football vs Wedding Day

I’m writing this blog during the calm before the storm, as we in Aggieland prepare to host the biggest football game (dare I say) EVER at Kyle Field. As those of you who are familiar with Bryan/College Station know, we “march to a different drum” when it comes to planning our calendars.

“I can’t have my wedding in College Station, in the Fall on a home game.”
“What time is the game? We will set the ceremony accordingly to make sure the wedding doesn’t interfere.”
…or one of my favorites…
“I HAVE to have a TV set up with the Aggie football game playing so that my guests can watch during the reception.”

Yep, it’s true, our lives here in the Brazos Valley revolve around our beloved university and the schedule of the football team. And we would have it no other way. Things took a bit of a turn when Texas A&M left the Big XII and became members of the SEC, which happened to be the same year as when “Johnny Football” made his debut. Who could forget November 10, 2012 when the Aggies defeated #1 Alabama. People around the globe fell in love with the heart and passion of that Aggie team and stayed on the edge of their seats as they watched #2 juke and jive his way to victory. And so the preparation for the 2013 Texas A&M vs Alabama game began for fans everywhere.

In the event industry in the Brazos Valley, we’ve seen a turn the last year of local events being held in the Fall amongst the football games. It used to be that it was frowned upon to have your wedding on a “home game” weekend, but this year people have gotten down right feisty when they hear that there is another “event” happening outside of Aggie Football. For those brides who have a wedding which falls on an Aggie football game, I’m sorry, you’ve had to hear this gripe a lot.

We’ve been season ticket holders for many, many years and have endured the good, the bad, and the ugly (in no particular order), and I am actually excited to say, we’re NOT going to the game! Nope, we’re going to a wedding. A wedding in a gorgeous location outside of the Brazos Valley, to unite our dear friends Macee & Cannon. Macee (a Sam Houston alum), has been a rock star on handling all of the heckling from the Aggies for having her wedding on THE GAME. For me, you really can’t get much better than this weekend. We’ll be surrounded by close friends, watching the game as we all get ready for the wedding, get to celebrate a great love with these two, and not have to fight the influx of visitors in BCS. So really, this bride would be the one who has it figured out, right?

The ceremony and reception site are in the process of being “built” right now in a field just down from Macee’s parents’ house and on Saturday everything will be adorned in coral, mint, gold and black and white stripes, and we just can’t wait! Check back for what we get to share about the wedding.

To the Aggies, BTHO Alabama! To Macee & Cannon, see you soon!

aggie football vs macee and cannon